Photos & Videos as Social Currency: The People Behind Content Creation & Curation | BIZ BUZZ for Start-up, Small and Medium sized Food Businesses. |
A new Pew Internet report offers a look at the average Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr users. Learn more about the 56 percent of Internet users creating and curating the world’s photo and video content.


What is the difference between content creators and curators? Further, who are the people behind the rise of photos and videos as social currency? Pew Internet set out to answer these questions in a recent project.


Currently 46 percent of Internet users post original photos and video they’ve created themselves online. Forty-one percent of respondents to their recent survey are curators, taking image and video content they find online and posting to sharing sites.


Fifty-six percent of percent identify as either a content creator or curator and 32 percent do both, according to the Photos and Videos as Social Currency Online report. Who are these people and where are they distributing image and video content?...


[Interesting research into photo and videocuration and creation - JD]

Via Jeff Domansky