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Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind, authors of "Talk, Inc.: How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations."...


I have to laugh -- now we are teaching leaders how to have conversations -- something we do as naturally as breathing!


But OK -- I get it. When you are the CEO it can be a lonely place at the top. And how do you start having meaningful conversations with staff without scaring them all to heck? And what are the risks to the leader when they engage in these kinds of conversations?


I've been saying for years that organizational change and employee engagement happen through conversations. Seems to finally be gaining some traction. I work with execs on their listening and storytelling skills, never thinking I'd have to address the ins-and-outs of conversations. But hey -- the insights here are solid and I can see what I need to add when I coach leaders.


This is a podcast that covers these main points and more. It is also a promo for the author's new book, which you might also be interested in.


If you work with organizations and senior executives, you will gain some decent ah-hahs!


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