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Next-Generation White Papers: Content Marketing With Ebooks

Next-Generation White Papers: Content Marketing With Ebooks | Biz Buzz |

Remember the days when the white paper was the go-to (if not only) content marketing tool? Those days are such a distant memory that the term "content marketing" didn't even exist during the white paper's heyday in the 1990s. In its place have emerged a whole array of content channels-blogs, magazines, videos, social networking campaigns, and so on-and a new collective term for them, that delivers dynamic and engaging branded information, the ultimate intention of which is to drive sales.


None of these content marketing tools in their own right, however, is the direct successor of the white paper. No blog post or magazine article can make as direct a business case as a white paper could-or, if it tried to, you'd probably be in some hot water with your chief content officer for making it too much of a hard sell. In an effort to merge the dynamic, engaging presentation that is inherent in successful content marketing tools with a white paper's straightforward, comprehensive presentation of a business case, content marketers are turning to the latest proven tool in publishing-the ebook."Simply put, ebooks are an evolution of the old white paper," says Rachel Christianson, director of fulfillment at the social media marketing company HipLogiq. "But they're way more user-friendly and not weighed down with lots of data."...

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Jeff Domansky's curator insight, October 14, 2013 11:48 AM

ebooks are today's authoritative version of a white paper. Engaging content is critical but don't forget your distribution channel.

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What's Scott Adams' secret to success? 'Goals are for losers'

What's Scott Adams' secret to success? 'Goals are for losers' | Biz Buzz |

"Dilbert started out as just one of many get-rich schemes I was willing to try."  Dilbert creator Scott Adams reveals his secret to climbing to the top ...

Big Volcano's insight:

Excellent article about how systematic failure can lead to success (however you want to define it for yourself).

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