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Cardinal George: Birth Control Mandate Could Force Catholic Hospitals ...Huffington PostChicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George on Sunday threatened that, because the Catholic Church "is being told she must 'give up'" its religious freedom in response...

PoliticoBirth control controversies multiplyPoliticoA senior administration official wishfully told reporters earlier this month that federal agencies would have “no role” in enforcing the birth control rule because “every state enforces its [insurance]...

1. The subject is Birth Control

2. The author staes:

* . In several states, lawmakers have introduced legislation seeking to undermine the federal rule.

*Insurance regulation is primarily a state function

*The insurer itself could get caught between the wishes of the religious employer, its client and the requirements of the federal law.

3. The writer thinks the insurance bill is a bad idea, due to all the complications that will happen

4. The writer does not state their opinion directly. He shows his side by stating soley the ideas an opions of those who reject the bill.

6.I learned the columist is pro-freedom of religion

7.The general public conerned with health care and religion

8. Yes the writer convices me to agere with him because he shows just how bad it could be to not even have a choice to use birht control or not, regardless of your religious veiws

2.The author majorly uses logos in this editorial. He states many facts and uses cause and effect to show how it is "logical" to choose agisnt this bill. The author quotes many people that disagree with the bill. The author also uses ethos by using the example of the cathloic faith and how they dont use birth control. Religion is very emotional to some people so throwing that in can really turn some heads. I belive this article is very effective in its use of ethos and logos.