AQUA FARMS: Scottish fish farmers use record amounts of parasite pesticides - Destroying Marine Ecosystems | Biome |

Farmers have been forced to increase amount of chemicals as the sea lice parasite becomes resistant to treatment...

September 11, 2012 - The Guardian - AQUA FARMS CRAM FISH INTO SMALL SPACES (#CAFOs)

The chemicals used are highly toxic to many marine species, especially crustaceans. The treatments use organophosphates, which attack the nervous system of sea lice and teflubenzuron, which interferes with their ability to grow shells. Marine scientists have shown the chemical is extremely threatening to young lobsters, crabs and prawns, Staniford said....

AQUAFARMING: World’s Insatiable Appetite for Fish Decimates Wild Fish Population

"Supertrawler" fishing vessels: Pacific Mackerel Stocks That Feed Farmed Salmon In Massive Decline : NPR

Another virus crashes Canada’s man-made aqua salmon farms - endangering wild salmon

Why Fish Farming Is Unsustainable and harming the planet


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