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Rescooped by laura Ireson from healthcare technology!

DNA Nanotechnology the Future of Modern Medicine?

DNA Nanotechnology the Future of Modern Medicine? | Biology |

One of the most significant achievements in the field of biomedical engineering is the creation of DNA nanobots. These molecular robots made of DNA are designed to deliver medicines to specific cells that require healing and to target harmful cells, killing them without harming the healthy ones.


Unlike commonly used drugs and supplements, nanobots have a measure of intelligence and can conveniently move through the body in smart ways.


How are these nanobots produced? Scientists use DNA, breaking up the components and rearranging them into shapes such as barrels to carry medicine. DNA naturally has a tendency to react in certain ways to outside stimuli, and its components assemble according to natural attraction and repulsion. These reactions are manipulated to make the nanobots and to program them.


Nanobots are free-floating structures that move through the bloodstream and remain neutral until they encounter a particular site that requires assistance. With the help of molecular cues programmed into them, they can identify a precise location and perform the necessary actions.


Treatment with nanobots could prove to be especially effective against cancer. With chemotherapy treatment, healthy cells are killed along with the cancerous cells. Nanobots can detect the cancerous cells, however, and only release medicine upon encountering them.


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Sidney Williams-Goddess's curator insight, February 5, 2014 11:46 PM

This article is about the eventual use of nanotechnology in humans to work as little nurses, called nanobots, to deliver medicine directly to sick or cancerous cells with out harming the healthy cells. I am really fascinated by nanotechnology, it is crazy ad unknown to me, i would really like to learn more about it. This article is from The Epoch Times, which in their "about us" claims "unwavering commitment to objective reporting" . 

Jay Gadani's curator insight, August 6, 2014 11:45 PM

So long as the little bugs damage my insides! 

Scooped by laura Ireson!

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