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Measurement of temperature rise over time for commercially available night lights (tea lights).
Daéid, Niamh Nic1 n.nicdaeid@strath.ac.uk
Thain, Emma1
Fire Safety Journal; Apr2002, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p329, 8p
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The use of candles such as night lights (tea lights) has increased in recent years and are now in vogue in many domestic dwellings. Their popularity is in part due to their ease of availability, relative in-expense as well as the increasing popularity of television makeover programmes, where bedrooms and sitting rooms are decorated. The present work examines the increase in temperature of the aluminium casing of night lights, when burned in still air and in an air flow, with the single existing candle wick and with a second-introduced double wick. In double-wick cases, the temperature rise is often rapid, easily achieving temperatures of over 200°C. [Copyright &y& Elsevier]

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1University of Strathclyde, Forensic Science Unit, 204 George Street, Glasgow G1 1XW, UK
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