Grottammare gave birth to Sixtus V, the tough pope | Bilingual News for Students |

Among the many pontiffs who held in their hands the fate of Rome, Sixtus V (1585-90) is indeed one of the most special and controversial ones. During his pontificate, which lasted only five years, he altered the city's arrangement according to the Renaissance standards, changing its look more than any other ruler or administrator had ever dared to do before him, even during a much longer reign. 

He was born in Grottammare in Le Marche in 1520, as Felice Peretti, from a humble family. He then joined the clergy as a Franciscan friar. After becoming an expert in theological matters, he was appointed inquisitor in Verona, where he built his fame of implacable man of law. Read the full article

Via Mariano Pallottini