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Trekking in the Northern Territory, Australia

Trekking in the Northern Territory, Australia | See Australia |

"Trekking through the outback of the Northern Territory in Australia it’s easy to understand why the indigenous people enjoyed going on “walkabout” so much. There’s plenty to appreciate, a stark, but beautiful landscape, where long, mountain ranges rise from the plains like waves on an ocean."

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Maximizing Sales and Marketing Opportunities through Social Channels

Maximizing Sales and Marketing Opportunities through Social Channels | See Australia |
ADOTAS — Personal connectivity through social sites and mobile devices has exploded on a scale that was simply unfathomable less [...]

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Big Volcano's insight:

Here are three simply ways to help mobilize brand evangelists:


Classic refer-a-friend promotions in which an advocate actively suggests the brand to others in his or her social circle. In some cases, the brand may offer a financial or material reward, which may be tied to a specific call to action, such as generating a signup or direct purchase.Encourage brand advocates to create content, such as a review or testimonial. Those who do this can become powerful allies in wooing the majority of prospective online purchasers searching for reviews before making a decision. The way brands talk to their advocates can influence the tone of their reviews, which has an immediate impact on sales.Motivate brand influencers to share your message with their own social network. If you are having mixed results using traditional targeted advertising, consider rewarding your advocates for doing the work for you by sending out promotions to extremely targeted consumers.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, October 8, 2013 4:11 PM

Today people rely heavily on reviews and their peers over traditional advertising.

Richard is on point: "Nearly all purchase decisions today are influenced in some way by a brand advocate, which is why it’s critically important that brands identify and cultivate social relationships with current and prospective buyers. Savvy brands must take proactive steps to not only encourage more activity from brand advocates, but also to track and manage that activity for optimal results. This group of advocates should be treated like a tangible corporate asset, one that must be handled with care and nurtured to encourage organic growth. And, brands must provide appropriate tools that make it easy for advocates to share products and services through social and mobile means."