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To exploit the business opportunity hiding in big piles of data - marketers must understand that data is increasingly:

Diverse, making integration costly and complex. Look at the data pouring out of smart devices, wearable computers, sensors, social media, video, etc. and it’s easy to believe that 90% of all data has been created during the past 2 years (according to the US Chamber of Commerce and Norway’s SINTEF ITC.)Large, challenging your technology and analytics ability.  Messy, challenging your firm’s obsession with using only high quality, curated data for analysis.Not owned or controlled by you (at least a good chunk of it is this way), challenging the natural tendency to hoard data in silos and shy away from data sharing.


For B2B marketing executives, the best place to start their Big Data journey is by focusing on their buyers' journeys and by doing something that may seem a little counterintuitive: Start by understanding your best customers and work backwards through their journey to identify the patterns that led them to be successful and to stand out from the rest. 



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