Big Data Analysis in the Clouds
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Big Data Analysis in the Clouds
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Rescooped by Pierre Levy from Public Datasets - Open Data -!

Introduction to Data Science | #datascience #freebook #bigdata

Introduction to Data Science | #datascience #freebook #bigdata | Big Data Analysis in the Clouds |

Via luiy
luiy's curator insight, October 30, 2013 9:17 AM
Version 2 of Introduction to Data Science is Here!

This is the companion site to the electronic textbook, Introduction to Data Science, by Jeffrey Stanton. This book provides non-technical readers with a gentle introduction to essential concepts and activities of data science. For more technical readers, the book provides explanations and code for a range of interesting applications using the open source R language for statistical computing and graphics.

If you find errors or omissions, please contact the author, Jeffrey Stanton, at The book is suitable for an introductory course in data science where students have a varied background or as a supplement to an advanced analytics course where students would benefit from an introduction to R. 

The electronic textbook is available in an interactive version for the iPad at the iTunes bookstore. Apple has recategorized the book from the "textbook" category to the "book" category in order to make it available internationally: 

You can also download the non-interactive, PDF version of the book here (caution, 22 MB download):