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Big health data may be the biggest contribution to improved health in the 21st century or simply the latest IT buzzword. It is a product of the digital data revolution, fuelled by the burgeoning of patient data from the NHS, social networks and media, and personal health monitoring.
The NHS '' project will eventually collect data from NHS GPs on the 300m patient consultations, 900m prescriptions and 100m hospital contacts per year
The NHS genomics project will collect data from 100k patients and use the data to support the ability to predict future health problems. This data, when combined with social media data and personal health data, will form a mass with unprecedented volume, variety and velocity of growth rate. Novel Information links may provide the key to managing the current problems of unlimited demand and limited resources. Intelligent insights into disease patterns may provide novel methods of prevention and treatment.

The challenge for the NHS in addressing how to use and analyse this data will be addressed by the Conference speakers, and the varied audience from the NHS, Industry, academia, Public Health and the International scene.

This meeting will cover the what big health data is, how it is/can be used and why. It will offer insights into its human and technical aspects, and look at the potential for use and abuse of this 21st century Pandora's box.

Via Christopher Rudolf