In rest of '98 clip, Obama speaks of 'competition' and 'the marketplace' | Bi Partisanship |

Updated 11:29 p.m.— Mitt Romney's campaign this week has pounced on a 14-year-old clip of Obama speaking about "redistribution" in October 1998 at a conference in Chicago, in which the future president seems to extol the virtues of redistributing wealth.

Yet NBC News has obtained the entirety of the relevant remarks, which includes additional comments by Obama that weren't included in the video circulated by Republicans. That omission features additional words of praise for "competition" and the "marketplace" by the then-state senator.


[And, of course, a widely cited report from an independent firm that Mitt has previously praised has concluded that it is the R/R tax plan that would redistribute wealth -- but from the middle class to the wealthiest Americans.]

Via Michael Charney