Beyerdynamic 1350 Headphones Review
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Beyerdynamic 1350 Headphones Review
I didn’t realize that these were an on-ear design until after I ordered them. I was kicking myself as I knew they wouldn’t be to my liking with the whole isolation thing’. Heck, I almost requested an RMA before they even arrived. However, when they did arrive I just had to open the box and again, I looked into the pouch and saw those diminutive cups while I gently shook my head from side-to-side. Even so, I decided to try them. At first I was forcing myself to like them as I hate paying return shipping. But then when I started to listen to them and also to feel how they molded to my years, I noticed that they were quite comfortable. Also, the isolation seemed considerably better than I thought. So I decided to keep using them and sheepishly, I realized that I had profiled these cups in a negative light. Overall, I think these are keepers’ as the sound is great; the fit is comfortable, as they don’t sweat your ears, and they’re easy to dismount onto your head above your ears or rest on your neck, as the cups turn flat. Another perk is that they don’t over-power my baldhead and that’s important when I may use these during a video webcast. Also, they have an 80-ohm resistance that tilts them away from strictly portable use. I could easily connect these to my channel strip once it arrives. This is not to say they can’t be used on my iPhone because they can. Ok, I do wish it had a longer reach than the non-detachable 5-foot cord provides. Otherwise, I’m more satisfied than not.
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