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Travel has always been one of the most emotional products to sell – memories, smells, sounds, sights and experiences all combine to create an intricate tapestry that offers many approachable threads for marketers.

Capturing a bit of the emotional resonance of travel – whether it be the feeling of not having to wake up at 5am for that commute to work or the romantic time spent with a partner on a getaway – is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create impactful advertising in the industry.

Expedia’s latest campaign, Find Yours, is a clever, cross-channel promotion that really pulls at these emotional threads. Surely some will find it to be too melodramatic or crass in the avalanche of emotions; nonetheless, the campaign is cute and interesting, successfully emphasizing the wonder of travel.

The campaign begins with an extensive “Find Yours” video series, offering up compelling emotional hooks well-suited to video and targeted to a variety of demographics.

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Via Tourism Australia