Study shows the new Facebook newsfeed impacts negatively on small Facebook Pages | Better patient outcomes through technology |

Facebook analytics site Edgerank Checker has released a study into the impact of the new Facebook newsfeed, one month into its release.


When Facebook rolled out the changes to the feed last month, moving from a two tab system of ‘latest news’ and ‘most popular’, to the real-time updates and single stream, it meant that users were exposed to more content, as we were now seeing every single update made by any of our friends, no matter what page we were on within Facebook.


The impact for businesses however, was that Page content was getting less exposure, as you were now competing more heavily for space. The study from Edgerank Checker has found that over a sample of over 5,800 random Pages, 82% experienced a reduction in the amount of impressions on the Page.

Via Martin Gysler