What is the best way to quit smoking? The best way to quit smoking may vary among different people. However, there are a number of ways one can use to kick the addiction of nicotine. The best way to quit smoking is by the use of natural methods. Use of natural methods is regarded as the best way to quit smoking as there are no side effects. This not only makes them more beneficial to your health but help to stop the nicotine addiction easily. Apart from natural methods, there are other methods which include nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medication. Before settling on any method it’s advisable to visit a doctor who will advice you on the best way to quit smoking. Natural means, the best way to quit smoking • Lobelia: it is used to trick the nicotine receptors into thinking that they are still receiving nicotine. It is not addictive when used over a short period of time. It does not increase the blood pressure and heart rate the way nicotine does. • Passion flower: this was used traditionally for relaxation. However, it is still useful in eliminating the nicotine withdrawal jitters. • Peppermint: it has been in use for a long time now. It helps in promoting detoxification. • Ginger root: it helps in soothing the stomach, hence relieves the upset that nicotine causes to the stomach. • None-addictive nicotine substitute: nicotine withdrawal is the hardest thing an addict has to deal with. Non-addictive substitutes include herbs such as lobelia which react in the same way as nicotine but are not addictive. These herbs also help victims to deal with certain respiratory conditions that associated with quitting of nicotine use. • Use herbs to relax your system: quitting brings about some intense emotional and physical stress and feelings which for some people are too much to deal with alone. It is for this reason that some quitters rely on herbs such as peppermint, skullcap and sarsaparilla to help them deal with the symptoms complete withdrawal from nicotine. • Keep your immune system strong and healthy: quitting the nicotine habit completely, can have a negative impact on the immune system. It is for this reason that today’s quitting methods include ingredients that support the immune system so that they are less prone to contract viruses and other ailments. For example; herbs such as cayenne pepper and eleuthero root work very well in supporting the immune system during the quitting process. Other herbs help to increase the body’s resistance to respiratory inflammations, common cold, disease and infections. The natural methods of stopping the use of nicotine do not contain nicotine like their counterparts. Withdrawing completely from nicotine has some intense emotional and physical side effects. This is why a number of stop smoking programs incorporate small amounts of nicotine. However, most natural methods utilize substances that have the same effect to the brain as nicotine but are not addictive this makes them the best way to quit smoking. herbal quit smoking solution has quite a number of benefits to the patient. Someone who is addicted to nicotine will experience complete wellness without the side effects that come along with other methods of quitting nicotine. For more information on the best way to quit smoking click http://www.nicodyne.com/