X-E1 is a great tool for street photography (images from Marrakech) | Marcus Beard | Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras | Scoop.it

I've just spent 3 days in Marrakech on a business trip, and packed the Fuji X-E1 and 35mm in the hope of getting a few hours off to explore the old city. I'd been before with the 5D MkII and some lenses, but found photography very hard work owing to the local's distaste for having pictures taken. (At least some genuinely do not like it on the grounds of their religion, whilst the more tourist facing people don't mind if they are paid for having their photo taken). Like in any public place, the wielding of an SLR seems to scream "photographer" and make you conspicuous. So this time I tried with the little Fuji in my short time off (just two hours ). I found it a much better camera for this type of environment than the DSLR. I felt less embarrassed wielding a smaller camera, and it was clear to me that people were not as bothered about having their pictures taken even when they noticed I was there. It's funny how the size of the camera seems to make so much difference (I'm sure more seasoned street photographers than me will find this blindingly obvious). Of course, the most important thing is to treat the subject with respect, but I really did find that the camera also made a difference. Here are some shots - the camera and lens performed really well it what were often very low levels of light. Very few mis-focussed shots, excellent exposure and colour. I love the rendering from the XF35m F1/4 wide open too. This is not my particular forté in photography - I'm not well practiced in "street photography" so any comments more than welcome!

Via Thomas Menk