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I haven't gone out and photographed much personal work since returning from Europe a month ago with one less appendix. Couple the appendectomy recovery with a bit of "nesting syndrome" (my wife is about to give birth to our first child any day now), I've spent most of my time organizing my home and streamlining my Lightroom catalogue (guided by Gavin Gough via his great eBook w/video tutorials - A Photographers Workflow). The south end of Bogmalo Beach, Goa, India.  Fuji X-Pro 1, 18mm (wishing there was a wider lens available from Fuji). Whilst keywording my library, I came across some images I took last October in Goa.  To break the metadata monotony, I decided to run the images through some Lightroom presets I just acquired from Visual Supply Company called VSCO Film Emulation 01 & 02.  I've never been a big preset user, but have always liked the way these presets have worked with photos I've seen from other photographers. These images were photographed in RAW with the Fuji X-Pro1.  They were then imported into Lightroom to develop.   When I started applying some of the VSCO Film presets to these RAW files, I didn't like what I was seeing at all.  I didn't understand why the presets looked so terrible compared to when I used them on some of my Pushkar Camel Fair photos.  I realized a few minutes later that the only difference was that I was applying the presets to the JPEG files I photographed in Pushkar (I photographed RAW+Jpeg that week), not the RAW files. The rocks on the south end of Bogmalo Beach, Goa, India. 18mm lens

To see what would happen, I decided to put the 3 month old RAW images (whose names I've changed by now) back on my SD card in hopes to process them into JPEG images in camera.  Thankfully the images popped up on the back of the X-Pro 1 and I processed the RAW files into JPEGs with the Velvia film simulation applied in camera.  I then imported the JPEG files back into Lightroom and BOOM, it made a world of a difference.  I applied various VSCO Film presets and eventually settled on the look of the Kodak Protra 160 VC++.  Lightroom doesn't have camera profiles yet for the X-Pro 1 like it does for my Canon 5D Mark II.  Since buying the X-Pro 1, I've tried to tweak the Lightroom settings to try and create a profile to match the X-Pro 1 in camera Velvia film simulation, but haven't figured it out yet. So, long story short, these images were photographed with the X-Pro 1 in Raw and converted to Jpeg in camera with Velvia film simulation applied.  They were then imported to Lightroom where I applied the VSCO Film preset Kodak Protra 160 VC++.

Please share feedback or any of your own experiences....

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