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This piece was written by Megan O'neill in Socialtimes today. It should be very interesting to watch it's progress, if it's successful, lots of new and creative shows could emerge on Tumblr as a result.




"What happens when two guys that are constantly wearing plaid shirts get together for a few beers? Well, they come up with the idea to do a talk show all about plaid that’s shot entirely on iPhones, of course".


The show is called Plaid Forever and it launched today on Tumblr.


Plaid Forever is the brainchild of Michael Krivicka of Thinkmodoand his friend Andrew—two plaid loving guys that live in New York. Michael told me via email, “It all started with Andrew and I.


We are great friends and are constantly wearing plaid shirts. One day we thought: let’s do a plaid themed website! The idea was very broad at first and then we narrowed it down to a talk-show type format that will live on the web.”They launched the show today.


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