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Prominent  jailbreak tweaks developer, chpwn has tweeted that he has discovered a safety switch in Jailbroken devices. According to Grant Paul aka chpwn, mobile substrate addon has a Palm OS inspired safety switch that disables extensions to run while rebooting. This will basically help you in identifying any problems in your device start up. This feature was incorporated by Cydia developer Jay Freeman Saurik. If you want to experience the safety switch, all you have to do is press and hold the volume up button while your device is rebooting. This will disable all the Cydia tweaks and make your phone slightly faster but there's a catch. Enabling it will not start any Cydia tweak. In order to enable the tweaks, you'll have to reboot your device.

As mentioned earlier, this method was embedded for troubleshooting purpose only. Give it a try :)