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Cookie iPhone activation certificate backup for iPhone how to backup iPhone activation records using Cookie. Cookie Cydia tool to restore activation how to save iPhone activation files from Cydia.


Earlier we discussed about the new Cydia app Cookie which helps in saving iPhone activation records so that they can be used in future. This method of backing up and saving iPhone activation data is highly recommended for those jailbreakers who rely on SAM iPhone activation process as very soon Apple might patch Sam iPhone activation process. If you don't activate your iPhone using SAM, you wont be able to get push notifications as Apple disables them until the device is activated through iTunes.

These are the instructions for backing up and saving iPhone activation records using Cookie Cydia Appe. If you rely on jailbreaking and activation via jailbreak, it is highly recommended for your to take a backup of your iPhone activation tickets so that you can restore them in future. Cookie can backup your iPhone activation tickets to cloud and once you backup it you can restore it to your iPhone anytime. UseCookie if you have activation tickets from SAM. Do it before its too late.