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Apple to add food and drink category in appstore food and drink category for learning cooking making new recipes finding restaurants using apps in food and drink category..


Apple is planning to add new category of Apps in the iOS AppStore. Food and Drink is probably the new app's category that will be included soon in the iOS AppStore. iOS Application developers have already started receiving emails from Apple asking them to categorize their apps and if they have any related app to Food and Drink category it will automatically be moved to Food and Drink category if they don't take any action. Also, this will go live soon so developers have very little time to check their applications and get back to Apple if they do not want their applications to be moved.

The email from Apple to developers goes like this:

In the next fefw weeks, we'll be adding a Food & Drink category for apps that help users cook and backe, miz drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars and learn what their friends like to eat and drink. This category will not include diet, grocery shopping, coupon, clipping or food-related game apps. 
We are contacting you because we think at least one of your apps fits in this new category. Unless you opt out by July8:

We will migrate your relevant apps to the new Food & Drink category. Food & Drink will be assigned as the primary category for your apps. If you have one or more apps that you want to staty in their current category, respond to this email with "NO" in the subject line, along with the following information for each app:
App name Apple ID for your app. The Apple ID for apps can be found in the Manage Your Applications module on iTunes Connect. Emails sent to other email addresses or without the requested information will not be processed. 
The App Store team
So if you are an Apple developer and have already received an email like this, you might want to respond to it before the end of this week if you want your app to stay where it is right now. Apple's plan to add the new category Food & Drink might soon be available for the public once it receives a nod from the developers. Moreover , iOS users will find is amazing to have a category of apps that will help them learn and improve their cooking and baking skills so they no longer have to go and attend the training sessions for such services.