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Zephyr Cydia Tweak 1.3.4 Update Released Chpwn's Zephyr multitasking switcher for iPhone and iPad Zephyr awesome multitasking switcher for iPhone and iPad swithing app for iPhone and iPad relased...


Auther Chpwn has just pushed an update to Cydia Multitasking tweak Zephyr which is perhaps the best multitasking tweak available for iPhone and iPad right now. Minor update includes start gestures only off-screen.

Zephyr is awesome multitasking swipes for your device which replaces Apple's multitasking functionality of 4 finger swipe to 1 finger for iPad and for iPhone and iPods it adds amazing multitasking gesture so you don't have to double press the home button every time you want to switch to a differen app. Multitasking is one of the most awaited features of iPhone which was introduced in iOS4 but what's the point in having multitasking without a best way to switch between the apps ?

Zephyr does an amazing job of switching apps the way it should have been made by Apple. Zephyr supports iOS 5 completely and does not work on firmwares lower than iOS 5.0

Features Of Zephyr

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close apps. Switch apps by swiping left or right fromt he edge of the screen. Smoothly swipe up to see your multitasking swithcer. Quickly peek at notifications nad widgets, like the weather.

You can purchase Zephyr from Cydia for $4.99

1.3.4 : Start gestures only off-screen.
1.3.3 : Fix switcher with folder open.
1.3.2 : Add swithcer gesture bounce.
1.3.2 : Fiz iPad rotation issues.
1.3.1 : Diable on lock screen.
1.3.1 : Hide notification grabber.
1.3.1 : Fix duplicate status bar.