Best Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai
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Personalizing and Customizing Your Dhow Dinner Cruise

Personalizing and Customizing Your Dhow Dinner Cruise | Best Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai |

The dhow Dinner Cruise is a way of Cruising on the creek of Dubai. The cruise is completed on the dhow. The Dhow today is more of a modern rendering that is in the form of a cruise along with modern amenities but then it is an ancient boat on which people travelled to places. The Dhow was invented y the Arabic’s and Indians according to popular culture.


The Dhow Dinner Cruise can be customized to suit your requirements. You can rent the Dhow for a day to celebrate your wedding anniversary, to conduct a corporate meeting, to propose to your beloved or hold a birthday party. The Dhow can be personalized in every way if you want it:


Ancient Arabic rituals, belly dancing and entertainment will provide a full fledged cruising experience for a lifetime. If you want you can just put all that aside to just have you and your clan on the Dhow be doing what you always wanted to be doing.


Birthday parties:


The emirate of Dubai is one of the best places to celebrate our birthdays, functions and other places Some things in life are moments made to cherish A journey on a Cruise is entertaining and it is something you will remember as worthwhile. An evening dhow cruise Birthday party followed by dining and wining is a perfect package .It acts like a mood food for the soul. Show your love for your best friend by celebrating his or her birthday aboard the Dubai Dhow Cruise. Get in touch with our organizers and get a customized package with everything customized and personalized for your Birthday Party.


 Romantic dinner


We organize monthly romantic dinners and on special occasion. You can book an entire dhow for just 2 people. Just imagine how romantic that really is. It may be your first honeymoon or you may be professing love for your beloved. So you are putting that ring on her finger? It doesn’t get any better without the Personalized Dhow Cruise that you book for the two of you.


 Corporate parties

How about organizing a corporate lunch party aboard the dhow dinner cruise celebrating the company’s profits the previous quarter or that increase in revenue posted recently. All this adds to your corporate profile. You can treat your private equity investors for the rise in profits that you posted recently.


Wedding Anniversary Celebration:


So you wed last summer and this is your first Wedding anniversary? Why not try the Dhow Dinner Cruise and spend the night in the Dhow rooms and then leave for your hotel or home when



 Sightseeing alone or with your group of friends:


You can rent the Dhow and then sightsee and chit chat along as the Dhow takes you along the Dubai creek. It’s a experience of a lifetime.


This is a primer to spending your time on the Dhow Dinner Cruise in the most fruitful way

Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai's insight:

Dhow Dinner Cruise In Your Budget :


Dhow Dinner Cruise Company offers beautiful and best dhow cruises booking in Dubai. with best dinner package in your budget so hurry up and book your dhow cruise dinner party now.


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Scooped by Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai!

Enjoy Equine sports Like Horse Riding in Dubai with Dhow Dinner Cruise

Enjoy Equine sports Like Horse Riding in Dubai with Dhow Dinner Cruise | Best Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai |

Dubai and its horses:

Dubai is well known for its camel rides which are conducted throughout the year but then it is also known for its equine sports and equestrian sports persons.


Equine sports are also a leisure activity:

Horse riding is a popular leisure activity world over .It is a leisurely past time of the privileged who can afford horse’s .In many parts of the world horse reminds one of horse stags, of derby and of horse racing. It is a sport that involves gambling. Horse riding is an equine sport and the popular myth goes that it is a rich man’s sport and it has been that way since ages


About the Horses and stags at the club:


But here at Dhow Dinner Cruises, Dubai you can hire Horses and ride them .It is an experience in itself. You will love the royal horses and their stags if you happen to ride any. For Equestrian sports persons, you will not want to miss a horse ride on your trip to Dubai .If you are an amateur equestrian sports person you still can ride the horses. The Horses are tamed here. The center has 147 horses and extensive facilities, including floodlit arena, riding school arenas and dressage arenas. The Club is an approved branch of the British Pony Club and offers lessons for children and adults. Hacking, dressage and jumping are also available.


On carrying your equine sports gear :


You can bring along your equestrian accessories and gear but these are also available on rent or available to buy so don’t worry about carrying the gear. You will find all of it over here. For a country that is enamored with all things equine we promote Equine sports. People from all over the world are welcome here to experience the magic of a horse ride. The Horse riding is done on the desert and in the courses set up for the purpose. International members from other equine sports clubs are welcome. You are welcome to ride the horses.


Veterinary care for Horses:


We have less than 150 horses. The horses reared here come from different parts of the world. The breeding of horses is after studying them. Our Horses are kept in stags and utmost veterinary care and attention is given to them. The horses are kept on a diet that will keep them hale and healthy in the Dubai climate. Our in-house veterinarians and club staff are there round the clock to keep track of the health of the horses so that they remain at their very best health when you want to ride them.


Equine Sports and Equestrian sports person are respected worldwide. Horse riding by popular myth is a rich man’s sports but over the years the welfare of horses has become an issue of prime importance. However Equestrian sports persons are physically fit and share a good relationship with their horses, something very essential for the derby.

Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai's insight:

Desert Horse Rides In Dubai : 


Dhow Dinner Cruises offers Desert camping & Horse riding package in your budget. for more information about our services visit our website page :

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