So got the cables here and basically scanner back a little bit and Organic like that K I I'm slogan is this and try and answer some questions that come up on the videos probably posted reason why Aim doing the specific things you know some initial want to show stuff for other teams like how to limber up in a way now this is what I do. this is where did not initially some don't do that I would be consistent with when continuous spry tickets eight years special sleep don't do that shit I do this shit is leaving the show your I’m its reads on some people commented on some the different things you can use the mention something yes and I don't even know what that is but I think action before it's more for working out with weights just study in your home so anything whatsoever listen I'm not into that I love weightlifting I love using now broken Bow flex free weights whatever like to do in not initially guess don't like to do right again us analysts to our app seconds this an ongoing fastness.