It feeds off a diet of constant mockery to reassure itself of its own fragile superiority.

It wants the appearance of ideas, without the hard work of digesting them. Most of all, it wants the legitimization of its own right to rule. The theme of every elite is its own superiority, and the one we are saddled with is no different. Its message is that it has lifted up our society from a dark time of repression to a new era of enlightenment and that only it can lead us into the light.

The media is an echo chamber for people who work in the media. Its greatest reach is internal, within the complex of people who live or work in a few major cities within the publishing and broadcasting industries. Beyond them is a great void of purple mountains that they occasionally report on but have lost contact with.

America is a foreign country to them.


- DAN GREENFIELD aka Sultan Knish






Anyone who would think that our president is a Muslim or has sympathies or alliances with Islam has to be entirely nuts. And here's the proof:


I comment on a few of Obama's statements up to one third the speech's length:


1. When Obama spoke directly to the Iranian people he listed a litany of achievements he attributed to Islam. There is one problem however. Not a single one of the listed are true about Islam.


They are ALL true however about the Jewish People. Every single one of them.


2. When the president spoke about Islam paving the way for Europe's Enlightenment and Renaissance, every single characteristics he listed was true about Christianity, but not a single item was true about Islam. One of Christian Europe's first enlightened acts was their rapid, decisive and uncompromising purging of Islamic culture, monuments, war machine, and everything that came with them. It seems Obama is neither a constitutional scholar nor a student of history. For his fans, the Left-Liberal  and Islamic and Palestinian Narrative is all that matters. Facts, documented, archeeological and scientific never do and never have.


3. When the president referred to Islam's fantastic architectural achievements of soaring spires, vaulted ceilings and majestic arches, timeless poetry and cherished music, he was of curse, again, referring to Islam's role.


Was Obama saying that the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Mahler, Soshtakowich, Stravinsky, Bach, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Barbara Streisand, John Coltraine, Charlie Mingus, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Madonna, Lady Gaga -- you know, the music YOU and your parents listened to -- was composed and performed by Muslims? With the Islamic names referenced above of course?


As for the massive arches, ceilings, and spires Obama excitedly expounded about, Christianity created monumental works such as Obama's words described hundreds of years before Islam tried to do likewise in poor imitation. Want proof? HERE:


Look, in Obama revision of mankind's history America is not a Christian nation, America's Founding Fathers were not Christians, and neither were the nations of Europe and its kings and emperors. They were Muslims and we are all Muslim nations I guess. So stop complaining!


4. Barry goes into overdrive when he talks about the tools of navigation that allowed mankind to progress and explore continents and outer space, trade and conquer, and create modern commerce, all invented by Islam, says he.


For example, he credits Islam with the invention of the compass. Problem: The Chinese invented the compass.


He credits Islam with the invention of the sextant. Problem. Sir Isaak Newton (a religious Christian) invented the sextant:


For the last forty or so years we have used GPS. Invented by Islam. Well, not exactly.


Dr. Ivan Getting of MIT and Harvard, an Edison and Oxford scholar and son of Slavik-Russian Jews living in New York City invented GPS. Getting worked for Raytheon, and not only invented the GPS... but most of the subsequent mapping and technology that was soon after developed in Israel. Islamic Israel? They wish!


Incidentally, Getting also invented the "flip-flop" which made computers and the transistor possible. In other words, he actually invented the computer even though others were credited for the invention.


Getting did not invent John Kerry however. Kerry of Cambodia flip-flopped through life regularly for no reason whatsoever - even when not wearing flip flops but only his  hairdo.


Getting invented the microwave tracking system that took down the Nazi's U2 rockets coming in over London. Many more inventions I won't list here. Raytheon under Getting was the firsts company to produce transistors which are, in The Twilight Zone, another Muslim invention of course, proving once and for all that American Exceptionalism and the massive Jewish Contribution to the Betterment of Mankind is  imagination inebriated with Manishewitz vine. Now, thanks to Obama, we are informed that every important civilizational progress, including the idea of progress itself, came from the Muslim world. The progressive Muslim world of let's say, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.


Before I forget, Muslims invented the lunar re-entry vehicle and the clothes hanger too.


So far we have the Chinese, a Christian, and a Jew who invented all three major navigation instruments and not a single one of these people had anything to do with kebobs, prayer rugs and goats.


5. Obama says Muslims have won Nobel Prizes. I happen to know of two well deserved prizes Muslims won: Yasser Arafat and someone named Barack. And both of them were won for high achievement of some extraordinary sort. Maybe the reader can enlighten me about exactly what those high achievements were?


6. The president reminded us that Muslims built the tallest building in the world (true, in Dubai.) That is until Larry Silverstein, a Jew in New York City, built Freedom Tower. Which, darn, is taller still, and will replace what was destroyed by "Progressive" Islam. But don't worry. In the next iteration of bowing to whomever, Obama will inform the world that Freedom Tower too, was built by Muslims.


Obama did not remind his audience that every single inch of Dubai's Burge Tower was built with Western engineering, Western design, Western technology and science, Western knowledge of what is possible, Western materials, Western heavy equipment, Western materials science, and Western management. Whatever was not Western was imported from the West. And the rest was imported from the West.


And before I forget, although this is hardly important: Western money.


Which is now Muslim money.


In Obama's world, Muslims invented fire and wood and the sewing machine.


7. The first Muslim-American politician took the oath to preserve the U.S. Constitution, says the president, by placing his hands on the Holy Koran. The same U.S.Constitution I assume the Founders authored with their own hands on the Holy Koran...and while debating its provisions, must have thought deeply about not violating Sharia in the Holy Koran. For example, giving the same rights to women Muslims give to donkeys.


An aside, just how many times did Obama mention the Holy Bible? I was just wondering, since he mentioned The Holy Koran several dozen times and my memory isn't as good as it was before I converted to Islam myself, after which the entire history of mankind changed. I am still curious: which is Holier, the Bible or the Koran?


And, before I forget, is the Koran as holy to you as it is to me? Just aXing.


8. Says the president, "Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education." I did not wait to hear the list of how Muslims landed on the moon first and built the world's first space station, how Muslims invented the telephone, refrigerator and air conditioning, Santa Claus, the elevator and airplane, computers, wi-fi and chat, microchips, television and radio, forced air heating, the cell phone, security and intelligence gathering and data mining software, and the flush toilet. I do know that Muslims invented the idea of flying commercial jet aircraft into tall buildings, the aftermath of which cost a trillion dollars to the world's economy. In other words, Muslims proved that they were able to destroy in a few moments almost as much wealth, jobs and happiness as the creative like Larry Silverstein were able to build in four decades.


Exasperated at this point, just one third the way through his speech (the rest is just as mind boggling, right out of Aesop's Fables), I chose to drop this issue for someone else with more talent to pick it up, and here I invite readers to continue with their own thoughts about Muslim Exceptionalism.


Remember the election of 2012 and how you vote. Not a bad idea, is it Dhimmis?


Rest assured Obama's not a Muslim and anyone who would think otherwise is definitely insane. Obama is just "evolving" sort of like his birthplace and his economy has been evolving, and how this writer has been evolving.


Forward and Downward.




- by Benjamin





When a psychiatrist rewards rats for finishing a maze, is it the psychiatrist who is training the rats to finish mazes, or the rats who are training him to give them cheese. The answer to that question hinges on who controls the experiment. While we thought that we were experimenting on the Muslim world to make them more moderate, they were actually experimenting on us to teach us to appease them.

While we were trying to force the Muslim world into our maze with two openings, one labeled 'extreme' and one labeled 'moderate', they were really moving us into their meta-maze with two openings, 'death' or 'appeasement'.


-- Sultan Knish








The Last Days of the Media

By Daniel Greenfield
The desperate antics of a dying industry.
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The magazine business isn’t what it used to be. In the last ten years, Newsweek lost 2.5 million readers, and its newsstand sales are hardly worth mentioning. A full-page ad in it costs less than the price of a luxury car. Sold for a buck to the husband of an influential Congresswoman, merged with an internet site, it survives only by building issues around provocative essays and covers.

If you want to understand why Newsweek put a badly photoshopped picture of Obama with a gay halo on its cover or features Romney doing a number from The Book of Mormon, you need only look at those numbers. Fifteen years ago desperate tactics like that were for alt weeklies like The Village Voice, but Time and Newsweek are the new Village Voice.

The biggest problem for the media is that no one is paying attention anymore. The iPad and Kindle haven't meant salvation for the magazine business, because any media device fragments focus. It's hard to engage readers when they're not engaged with any one thing, when they're reading six sites and glancing through your latest Fareed Zakaria or Andrew Sullivan screed just to be able to tell their friends that they read it.

In a diminishing marketplace every outlet boasts of having the smartest and most influential readers. The truth is that no one has those readers anymore. The media makes its own influence because it is playing on an empty stage. It isn't influencing anyone, it's repeating back to its readers what they already believe because they already believe it. If they didn't already believe it, it wouldn't tell it to them.



Benjamin: In other words, in case you haven't picked it up, the mainstream media has readers left - not many. Mostly the most-committed and dumbed-down Democrats and lefties who are consumers of a belief system that is soon to be taxpayer funded. The oneworldview media - opinion and news - is what you actually see on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, BBC, NY Times, Time and Newsweek, all with the very same world view that was once known as propaganda. OK, what would you call it? And, in case you found no difference between the BBC and the others listed, there is a reason:

There is no difference. You see, the BBC been taxpayer funded since its inception.

All this, naturally, makes FOX, privately owned (by shareholders) Unfair and Unbalanced. After all, we need a One World View for a New World Order, don't we? And we have it. Congrats and...Kumbaya y'all!







The only function of the media is to spin talking points into something more glamorous. It always knows what the story should be, the only thing to do is dress it up and take it out for a night on the town. But no one reads it or pays attention to it anymore because it has nothing to say. The antics of Time or Newsweek are signs of desperation from media brats who know that the only way to hang on to their vanishing audience is by clowning around for them. - DAN GREENFIELD