Benefits of outsourcing your marketing
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Benefits of outsourcing your marketing
In today’s business environment many small businesses or SMEs face the same challenge everyday… Too much to do and not enough time to fit it all in! The marketing manager or company owner may do a fantastic job in branding and advertising the business, but does not have the time to stay up to date with modern marketing technologies and / or tactics, nor have the budget to justify another head count to do so. We all know how important it is to drive more traffic to our websites, improve our presence on social media and track and measure our online activity to improve results and generate ROI – but how to learn, implement and manage these modern marketing tactics is often the question… By outsourcing your marketing, it gives your business the opportunity to explore alternative marketing strategies and strengthen and develop tactics already in place. A consultant would work alongside you and your business to provide the skills, project management and expert advise needed to meet your marketing objectives and free up your time to focus on other business functions, resting safe in the knowledge that your marketing is being run to budget and schedule. Benefits of outsourced marketing: Leverage a team of marketing professionals for the price of one Maximise marketing return on investment (ROI) Stay up to date with the latest marketing tactics and technology Improve and internal marketing and sales processes and communication Have your own team of specialists available when you need them: social, search, PR, writing, blog, design and analytics Pay for only what you need (PAYG) Single point of contact for all your marketing Free up your time to focus on running your business Gain an external viewpoint on your industry Blade Creative provides very practical and focused business growth and marketing consultancy services tailored to the specific needs of your business. A dedicated marketing consultant would be placed by secondment into your organisation as a flexible, cost effective alternative to in-house marketing personnel, completely aligned to your business requirements. Furthermore, your consultant will be able to keep you up to date with the new industry marketing tools available and test marketing activities within Blade's new Marketing TestLAB - allowing you to develop and trail different marketing activities or annual campaigns to fine tune them and maximise return on investment before launching. If you’d like to learn more about outsourced marketing, book in a free 1 hour audit with Blade Creative, who will work with your businesses key stakeholders, review documentation, look for improvements and provide a brief report detailing next steps.
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Leverage Blogging to Build Business Identity, Authority and Credibility

Leverage Blogging to Build Business Identity, Authority and Credibility | Benefits of outsourcing your marketing |
Blog post at Rebekah Radice : Making a good online impression is a critical component in branding your business.


- Create thought leadership and position you as a subject matter expert

- Build trust, authority and meaningful relationships with readers and subscribers

- Extend your message and branding beyond traditional marketing methods

- Connect you with potential clients looking to the web for a specific product, service or solution to whatever ails them

- Keep you relevant and top of mind

- Create differentiation among competition


Ready to leverage blogging to build business identity, authority and credibility? These six tips will help you get started.

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systerwoody's comment, October 17, 2013 12:16 PM
The ROI on blogging is minimal, for now. I suspect an app that can aggregate blogging would be more valuable to me at this point in the twitterverse world.
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What does 4K mean for your online marketing videos?

What does 4K mean for your online marketing videos? | Benefits of outsourcing your marketing |


The super detailed high-quality screen resolution has been all over the news recently, but what does it mean and how can it affect your online marketing video productions?

While 4K is gradually becoming the standard for cinemas across the country, and your HD TV may soon be replaced by a 4K Ultra HD model (although I wouldn’t throw your HD TV in the skip just yet), it’s safe to say that for now your business videos are better off staying online in full HD.

In the corporate video world, there isn’t yet a great demand for 4K content. Our clients love the filmic look, and although a great looking video is important, there are often other factors to consider such as turn around time and price.

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