Some great benefits of any Well-Rounded Existence. 8:17 pm | Author: MaxineKrovious ... Being athletic and staying in shape is just so important for your overall health, and running is a great way to do that.

1.) The basic subject of this column is that being successful isn't just about having tons of money it's also about living life, being active and doing things you like.

2.) The main points in this article are.

- Being athletic and fit is good for your health and good for removing stress.

- Doing things you really enjoy is also good for your health and relaxing.

3.) The author feels strongly about the opinions expressed in this article.

4.)  The author doesn't really express thier opinion directly but the entire article is basicly thier opinion.

6.) The columnist feels strongly about being healthy, active, and doing more with your life than earning money.

7.) This article was for people who want to know how to live healthier.

8.) Yes the author gives enough evidence for me to agree, however the article is quite biased.

Assignment B.) The author relies heavily on pathos, emotional appeal, to reach out to the audience. The author uses ethical and logical appeal also to show some reasonable reasons to be active, physically and mentally. The author believes that"I would say that “success” means developing a life that is well-rounded and multifaceted."