Teen turns her energy toward fighting juvenile arthritis - Knoxville News Sentinel | benefits from being a physical therapist | Scoop.it

My thoughts: This article really intrigued me to keep reading due to the fact that this girl, Kristen, has had this disease she has had to deal with since she was ten. She went through much pain and perserverence to keep her drive going and to not let her body stop her from what she wanted to achieve in life. I had a similar situation, even though mine was not a disease, but a severe ankle injury. I wanted to give up all the time but my compassion for competitiveness kept me from quiting. I loved soccer and wanted to play as long as I could, so having to quit my select team finally to get surgery was extremely challenging for me, and my family to have to go through. This article made me realize that even if you have something physically that is stopping you from doing something, does not mean that it is going to stop you from doing everything.