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A survey by the charity Scope suggests many disabled people feel media coverage about benefit cheats has a negative impact on them.


     I am 57yr and in Ill health. I have been working since the age of 15yr spending 9yr of it in the Armed Forces most of the time abroad, all my life I have worked paid my Taxes and NI contributions, during the whole 42yrs of my working life I’ve probably only spent a total (if added up) of about 2yr on income support and that was about 20yr ago, so find it an offence to be called a scrounger. If you call £45 per week  DLA to live off and well bellow the poverty line scrounging, which is all I get after paying NI for 42yrs, when if I were fit for work could go back to the Power Station, as my jobs still open to me, and earn £400+ pw take home. You need to join the Tory Party with the rest of the lunatics.


The Dossier of a So Called Benefit Scrounger. BY R.Hargreaves.



The poverty line in the UK is commonly defined as being 60% of the median household income. In 2007–2008, this was calculated to be £115 per week for single adults with no dependent children; £199 per week for couples with no dependent children; £195 per week for single adults with two dependent children under 14; and £279 per week for couples with two dependent children under 14. In 2007–2008, 13.5 million people, or 22% of the population, lived below this line. This is a higher level of relative poverty than all but four other EU members.[156] In the same year, 4.0 million children, 31% of the total, lived in households below the poverty line, after housing costs were taken into account. This is a decrease of 400,000 children since 1998–1999.[157]

Cameron 2006: poverty is a 'moral disgrace'

Hélène Mulholland and agenciesguardian.co.uk, Friday 24 November 2006 17.18 GMT

The Conservative leader, David Cameron, in September. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/PA.

David Cameron pledged to help the "have-nots" as well as the "haves" in British society today, as he attacked Gordon Brown for failing to stamp out poverty.

The Tory leader attacked Labour for creating a "clunking tax credit system" that punished poor families, and accused the prime minister of doing nothing to reform the welfare system.

Speaking at conference in north London, Mr Cameron said the social security system needed a radical change to encourage aspiration. "Aspiration is not about class, background or position. Everybody dreams of rising up in the world and everybody dreams of giving their children a better life," he said.

"I don't care where you started out in life; my mission is to help you rise higher. But I do care about this: the fact that for millions of our fellow citizens today, rising higher is not a question of a better job, a better home or a better holiday. It is a question of ever having a job, ever owning a home or ever having a holiday."

His plans are seen another raid into traditional Labour territory as the Tories seek to boost their narrow lead over Labour. Since the prime minister announced he would not be calling a general election this year, the Tories have just overtaken them in the polls.

Mr Cameron said Labour currently punished couples that stayed together with fewer benefits. He vowed to lift 300,000 children out of poverty by increasing the working tax credit that couples receive, so it would no longer financially benefit them to live apart. This would be funded by stopping the "revolving door of people flitting in and out of work", according to Mr Cameron.

He also accused the tax credit system of creating misery among the poorest in society and wasting billions in fraud and overpayments. "I do not doubt for one moment Mr Brown's sincere desire to remove the scourge of poverty from our land, but he must see, as we can all now see, that his methods have failed and it is time for change," he said.

Mr Cameron claimed he would take a more "holistic and sophisticated" approach to make poverty history. In his speech to the Tory party at their annual conference this year, Mr Cameron said the Tories would ask charities, voluntary bodies and private companies to run the benefits system instead of government.

"I think they show a greater understanding of the personal and emotional needs of people who have been stuck out of work for so long," he told the conference in Blackpool.

Today, he reiterated his plans to involve the voluntary sector, saying he would remove the red tape that currently prevented them taking a wider role.

He added: "So yes we must help the haves to have more, yes we must back the aspirations of our over-taxed, over-burdened middle classes but a modern aspiration agenda means helping the have-nots to have something, and if we do not succeed in that mission then I tell you frankly that we will all be poorer."

The Tory leader's announcement was immediately mocked by the work and pensions secretary, Peter Hain, who said the opposition were proposing "quick fixes" rather than detailed policy proposals.

The TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, warned that the Conservative ideas would actually increase poverty levels.

"David Cameron may have strong rhetoric on reducing poverty, but his policies will have the opposite effect," he said. "Instead they will fuel the widening wealth gap, which has left 3.8 million children across the UK living in poverty."

All False Promises.

Now 2012

Since David Cameron came to power he has done nothing to lower poverty in this country as promised, on the contrary, it seems he has gone out of his way to increase it. He’s ether totally out of touch on the situation regarding poverty in this country, or doesn’t care, if he did he wouldn’t keep making cuts to disabled, those on low incomes, pensioners and schools, If he did care he’d target the high flyers like himself whose annual income is above six figures, there expenses run into hundreds of thousands, most of these people have offshore bank accounts, don’t pay tax or very little tax as they can afford fancy accountants and lawyers that know every loophole and tax dodge in the law book, these are the people that keep the work force on or as close to minimum wages, even less now, blaming it all on the recession “Oh we can’t afford to give you a pay rise this year the company’s struggling to survive due to the recession” then brag about it in the Financial Times how much profit the company has made in the first six months of the financial year, and give themselves extravagant pay rises. These are the people he should be targeting, not those already living below the poverty line.

So far due to his so called reforms in the Social Security system he has put venerable people on benefits well bellow the poverty line and caused couples who have been married or living together to split up, purely on the grounds of survival as they just can’t afford to live as a couple. As according to our government two people can live just a cheaply as one or so the DWP keep informing people. His reforms in the D.W.P. have put Thousands of genuinely disabled people well below the poverty line by having them assessed by Atos assessors most who have no medical qualifications no medical training what so ever, who are nothing more than jobs worth office staff. Who are blatantly lying in their reports, deeming people who are medically certified by doctors and specialists as ill or disabled and unfit for work, as being well and fit for work in order to make cuts of up to £90 per week from their benefits and leaving them in most cases with just £45 some cases less a week to live on. Just to save in government spending and get a pat on the head off their master, David Cameron no doubt.

Most disabled falsely accessed under the new Atos government scam as being fit for work have had to sell their much needed car as they can no longer afford to run it, which is a necessity to get out and about, without it they are trapped in the house. They can no longer afford a telephone or a T.V. license and are now literally prisoners in their own home, shut off from the rest of the world. So far as I’m lead to believe, this month there have been 37 related deaths in England. Even criminals in prison have a better quality of life, granted they can’t get out and about unless there in a open prison, but on the other hand the don’t need to their provided with all their needs, food, TV, electric, warmth,

Whilst around 30% of our county is living in poverty of which around 5% and rising is living in absolute poverty mostly the old and the disabled, David Cameron is making more cuts, pushing more people into poverty, heee’s! Strutting about like a prize peacock giving handouts to the impoverished in other countries. With a smug, look how generous I am, look on his face.

Even people earning minimum wage doing a 38-40 hpw are living in poverty haven’t had a pay rise or holyday in years and now having to sell their car also, which most need for family purposes. They can’t afford to go to the dentist or opticians, if ill they can’t afford to pay the prescription costs on medicine. The stuff our Government donates to other countries for free. All these stresses of making ends meet eventually leads towards family breakdowns and in some cases suicide. This amounts to nothing more than slave labor, worse even slaves and prisoners are given the basic necessities to live on. 33% of the population in the U.K. and rising can’t afford that, some are having to relying on charities for clothes and food parcels as some are literally starving. Due to all this poverty the only thing doing well from it is the wealthy, Foreigners, Rickets, Asthma and the T.B. virus.

I know all of this first hand because up until 18 months ago I was working at a nuclear power station earning £14,000+ p.a. when I started with back problems, which turned out to be a badly prolapsed disc and a slipped disc all down to age and ware and tare, which are trapping the nerve to my right leg causing numbness and severe pain in my back and leg, which means I can only sit for a short time before the pain in my back becomes intolerable, I can only stand or walk for a very short distance with a stick before the pain in my leg becomes too severe and sometimes giving way altogether. So due to this my employers decided I was unfit for work and therefore had to let me go after nine years, with an option to return if I ever recovered.

We are both 57yr and in Ill health. I have been working since the age of 15yr spending 9yr of it in the Armed Forces most of the time abroad all my life I have worked paid my Taxes and NI contributions during the whole 42yrs of my working life I’ve probably only spent a total (if added up) of about 2yr on income support and that was about 20yr ago so find it an offence to be called a scrounger. If you call £45 per week DLA to live off when if I were fit for work could go back to the Power Station and earn £400+ pw scrounging which is all I get after paying NI for 42yrs You need to join the Tory Party with the rest of the lunatics.

My wife is also disabled and has been for several years, suffering from Fibro Myalgia a form of progressive rheumatism casing aches and pains in the shoulders neck arms and legs, restricting movement in all limbs, she also suffers from a slipped disc acquired when working as a cook 12 yrs ago, Asthma & depression through stress.

At the moment we have a joint claim, my wife claiming for me, If we were to change it we would be without any money for six weeks or more until the DWP reassessed our claim at first we were getting £296 a fortnight which we could just about manage in January my wife was summoned to attend an assessment conducted by Atos, at the DWP which is half way down over the top of a very steep hill hard to walk up even for a fit person the reason the Romans decided to put a castle on top of it, and our house is the only about half of a mile away half way down the other side of the hill, my wife did inform them of this difficulty and asked if it would be possible to have it done on a home visit, she was told that if she didn’t attend they would stop our benefits. Luckily I could just get my car down the narrow cobbled street and drop her as near to the front door as possible leaving her only a short distance of about ten yards to walk which was still difficult caused her pain. During the assessment she informed the assessor of this, the difficulty lifting her arms above shoulder height making getting dressed and other functions hard and painfull.

A few weeks later we received a letter from DWP with the results from my wife’s medical assessment.

It informs her that they will be stopping her incapacity/sickness benefit as she scored 0 points.

According to them she is capable of walking more than 200mtr. which total contradicts her medical reports and at her assessment she told them that she had difficulty walking and that even though we only live around the corner, a 15min walk according to them, I had to drop her off there 10mtr away from the door and then pick her up again because the hill is far to steep for her, even then it caused her oedema to swell and start aching, all this they were told and she actually showed them the swelling caused simply by getting dressed and ready, of which I had to put her shoes an socks on and help her on with her cardigan and coat, as she has trouble bending down and lifting her arms due to the FSM, then walking a short distance to the front door of Mitre House. She even told them that the only way she can get out and about is by car even if it's just to the corner shop.

They also said she was capable of standing or sitting in one place for longer than one hour, again contradicting every thing she had told them, it's obvious even to someone who isn't a doctor that standing or sitting in on place for a period of time causes pain, even when you have a normal bad back though over exertion it causes back pain if you sit or stand for to long.

They also said she was capable of coping with small unexpected changes. She suffers from stress, no one who suffers from stress can cope with changes expected, unexpected, big, or small. Plus she suffers from asthma which can be brought on by sudden unexpected changes.

I could go on and on because every thing in the report is a total contradiction of everything she told them and did in the assessment exam, or as she said it, was more like a Gestapo interrogation.

Who are these people, are they qualified medical practitioners, If they are they must of sent us somebody else’s report or there just incompetent buffoons, She was also told not to bring any medical reports or doctors letters as these would not be taken into consideration. Why don't they consult your doctor and get the proper medical reports, X-rays, scans, specialist reports off him, they should take them into consideration.

The whole set up is just one big government cut back farce.

That was back in January 2012. It’s now July 2012.

When I first became ill I asked the DWP about putting a claim in for DLA and was told that DLA along with Incapacity Benefit no longer existed, that I would have to claim them under ESA. I later found this out to be a lie

A few weeks ago I applied for Disability Living Allowance and a week or so later received the what’s now become the standard refusal letter which are all almost the same word for word and sent out to everyone irrespective of what’s written on your application form you could have put your deaf, dumb, blind, no arms or legs, a sufferer of manic depression but you would still receive that same letter, that you were capable of walking more than 50mtr have no trouble lifting, getting dressed, etc. It’s obvious they don’t even have the decency to read your application, either its laziness and it’s easier to just spit out a standard reply, or their so bogged down they just haven’t the time or resources to read your application, I the latter why not just spit a letter of apology out explaining the situation and that it may take several weeks to a month to assess your application instead of getting everyone even more stressed out by sending them that farcical refusal letter.

Here was my reply to it.

With reference to your decision on my application for Disability Living allowance.

Are these letters you send out to everyone a government standard letter that gets automatically spat out to everyone who applies for Mobility allowance, Sickness Benefit and Disability Living Allowance, because there all the same word for word the only thing that’s different in them is the date, title and names.

Does anybody actually take the trouble to read the application forms, it seems not to me as everything I told you on my application form is the total opposite of what you were informed of in my application,

In your response to my application you wrote.

Having considered all the information I have decided the following:

Help with getting around outdoors

Physical difficulties walking

The information shows you can get around outside with little difficulty.


In my application I stated to you that I have great difficulty getting out and about, that I have great difficulty in walking a short distance, even the corner shop a distance of about 300mtr is too far away without the use of my car, that even walking short distances causes me severe pain in my right leg, foot and back, I wouldn’t call that little difficulty.

This means you are not entitled to higher rate mobility.


I’m not applying for Mobility Allowance at the higher rate, so does that mean I’m entitled to Mobility Allowance at the lower rate.

I’m applying for Disability Living Allowance not Care’s Allowance, just Disability Living Allowance at the lower rate.

Help with personal care

Preparing and cooking a meal

You don’t need help to:

Use a cooker

Use kitchen tools


About the only statement you’ve made that I agree with, apart from the fact that I just can’t cook for the life of me, I’m the sort of person that burns Corn Flakes, so actually I do need help in cooking, though not due to my illness.

Carry and lift safely.


Due to a very, very, badly prolapsed disc as stated in my application and as stated by the Specialist report accompanying my application, It’s definitely a big NO, NO, is lifting for me, as stated in the specialist report I have an extremely dangerous abnormally enlarged prolapse on my N5 vertebrae which if not taken care of could result in complete paralysis of the lower part of the body.

So only a lunatic would say I could safely lift or carry after having read the report.

During the day

Day Attention

At your own speed you can safely:

Get in and out of bed

Manage your toilet needs

Wash and dry yourself

Use a bath or shower

Dress and undress

Get up and down the stairs

Get in or out of a chair or wheel chair

Move about indoors

Manage your treatment or medication

Take part in social activities



I can manage to do the above safely and in my own time, in pain, but then again as I’ve stated I’m not seeking to claim for Care’s Allowance, Mobility or Disability Allowance at the higher rate.

Using suitable aids, you don’t need help from someone for about an hour a day or several times through the night.


As stated in my application,

I have difficulty with the above and do need assistance with most of the above. I need assistance with:

Washing and drying my feet which involve bending, something a prolapsed disc prevents.

As stated in my application,

I have trouble getting out of the bath without assistance, I also stated in my application, that I had actually applied to the Social Services to have a shower fitted to make things easier.

As stated in my application,

I have trouble bending to put my shoes and socks on so need assistance in performing this task.

As stated in my application,

I have trouble getting out of chairs and standing up from a prone position without the use of my stick, or by, fist pushing myself up then by placing both hands on my knees I’m able to push, this transfers the weight off my back into my arms making standing easier and less painful. It’s even easier with assistance of a person though just to give a helping hand.

Safely taking part in social activities is out of the question with a badly prolapsed disc, not only that I suffer from stress and depression which makes socializing difficult amongst family and friends, for some reason It makes me feel out of my comfort zone, short tempered and irritable.

As stated in my application,

I have trouble managing my Medication as I am on amitriptyline an anti depressant, the side affects being absent mindedness poor concentration tiredness and forgetfulness. Without assistance of some one to keep tracks, I either forget to take them or forget I’ve taken them; the latter can be dangerous and not very safe. I’ve tried a tablet box but I forget to fill it and now I’ve forgot where I’ve put it.

I do have problems communicating face to face or on the phone it creates the same problems in me as in socializing.

During the night

Night Attention

You don’t need help to:

Sleep comfortably


As stated in my application,

I have great difficulty in sleeping comfortably due to the permanent numb tooth ache feeling in my right leg and the pins and needles in my foot, when on a bad day it’s like having your foot immersed in a bucket of boiling water. So no I can’t sleep comfortably without help from drugs such as amitriptyline.

Manage your treatment or medication.


As stated in my application,

I have trouble managing my Medication as I am on amitriptyline an anti depressant, the side affects being absent mindedness poor concentration, tiredness and forgetfulness. Without assistance of some one to keep tracks, I either forget to take them or forget I’ve taken them; the latter can be dangerous and not very safe.

Turn over, change position or adjust bed covers


As stated in my application,

Sometimes I need help of a gentle push to help turn over a necessity at night as due to my illness and discomfort in bed I find it necessary to keep changing position on turning over which can be quite painful and difficult.

So yes I would like to appeal against your decision on the grounds that it’s obvious to me that no one has taken the trouble to even read my application for DLA.

After receiving this report from who we now know to be a gov controlled private company calling themselves Atos. And it is a gov cut back farce. Here’s what the socialistworker.co.uk news papers investigation into Atos found out about them.

New Tory attack on disabled poor July 7th 2012.

Hundreds of thousands more disabled people will face humiliating assessments that could see their benefits snatched away.

Atos Healthcare already runs work capability assessments on behalf of the government. It won new contracts worth £400 million last week to “assess” people who currently claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The news came just days after the firm was exposed as setting targets to get people off benefits.

Doctors working for Atos question and test people who receive various disability benefits to see if they are “fit for work”. But they are told they can only rate one in eight people as unfit for work.

Incredibly the other firm in line to win around £200 million worth of contracts is the disgraced G4S.

The Tories plan to replace DLA with a new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) next year. They hope to use the new tests to cut spending on the benefit by 20 percent over the next three years. The plan is to drive people onto lower levels of benefit—or off them altogether.

Last year 32 people died while challenging Atos rulings that they were fit for work. Yet the government’s own figures showed last year that 40 percent of appeals against Atos decisions to remove disability benefits were successful. The figure rose to 70 percent in Scotland.

Peter Reynolds from Cambridge shire is just one of those who has won an appeal against Atos. Peter has problems with his lungs and his lymphatic system has stopped working after he fell off a fork lift truck.

He uses a wheelchair and needs constant care. After his accident Peter received sickness benefit—but was then assessed as “fit for work” by Atos.

He successfully appealed against the decision. Peter said, “I would sooner be in the workplace doing a decent day’s work than being in the mess I am in.”

Perhaps that’s why employment minister Chris Grayling tried to censor a video that gave advice on how to mount a successful appeal. Grayling complained about the video’s “tone” and “negative comments”. But he doesn’t deny that those sections in dispute are true.

Workers at Atos in the PCS union were set to strike on Monday of next week over pay. They plan a further strike on 28 August.

Media spout lies over ‘benefit scroungers’

The Daily Mail raged against “benefit scroungers” last week. It used figures from August 2011 for claimants of Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance to argue that claimants weren’t really ill.

The paper belittled people with “acne” and “coughs”. It failed to mention that by far the highest diagnosis listed in the figures is “depressive episodes”. This accounted for nearly 20 percent of all claimants.

The Mail claims it’s easy for people to claim benefits. The reality is the opposite. An investigation last year used government statistics to show that “at least” 500,000 people were wrongly denied Incapacity Benefit over the previous 15 years.

Game over for Atos

The Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) campaign has called five days of action against Atos starting on Monday 28 August. It plans to target Atos during the Paralympics. Atos is the main sponsor of the Games.

On the Monday, activists plan to deliver a coffin of messages to Atos to its headquarters. Protests will target local Atos offices on Tuesday while a spoof Paralympics ceremony will hand out medals on Wednesday.

A “disruptive” action is planned for Friday. DPAC is appealing for anti-cuts activists, trade unionists and others to join the events. For more details go to the DPAC website.

Republished from: http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=29295

A sick joke

ATOS were today rewarded for their incompetence by a new contract by the DWP for the change over to PIP from DLA. The move has received wide spread protest from charities and flies in the face of MPs who have called for a discussion on the company and the WCA it carries out for ESA claimants.

In the same week as when both the BBC’s Panorama and ITV Channel 4′s Dispatches revealed shocking insight into the process and how there are indeed hidden targets in the guise of forecasts and in the announcement that there is to be a parliamentary debate at Westminster on the 4th of September one has to wonder what was Mr. Duncan Smith thinking ?

Two contracts were signed today one with ATOS and the other with the previously inexperienced Capita for a combined contract worth 540 million pounds with 400 million going to ATOS. Of course nobody yet knows the details of the contract or indeed how much of it will be revealed.

In a move that is only going to anger many the government seems determined to pursue its policy of terrorising the disabled and sick while ignoring the banks and tax avoidance schemes recent news has brought to light. As usual this government is not only following double standards but it is chasing the defenceless while the guilty are rewarded in no uncertain terms. In less than two years this government has shown itself to be morally bankrupt group of ruthless businessmen intent on representing the corporates rather then being a true representatives of the people.

A gold medal for hypocrisy

Tory minister who grabbed £100,000 expenses now attacks ‘scroungers’

Chris Grayling, the Tory work and pensions minister, launched fresh attacks on benefit claimants this week, despite his smear that they are fakers being proved wrong.

Grayling says the Tories’ Work Programme has failed to force enough people with long term health problems into work­—because they are “sicker than expected”. This gives the lie to the Tories’ claim that people are feigning illness to avoid work.

But now Grayling, an MP who grabbed thousands in expenses, plans to change the rules. He wants to redesign the scheme so people originally deemed too ill to join it would be forced to do so.

This would hit tens of thousands of disability benefit claimants. Grayling is also set to force unemployed people to work for free for six months—or risk losing their benefits.

He claims this will “help” them. In reality it will help bosses by giving them free labour—and it will particularly help those bosses who happen to be Tory party donors.

John Nash, Ryan Robson and three others set up Sovereign Capital in 2001. It owns the Employment and Skills Group (ESG), which has grabbed £73 million worth of government employment contracts. Nash and his wife Caroline have donated £182,500 to the Tories since 2006. Robson has given them £267,866 since 2003.


Grayling’s attack is based on the idea that people on benefits are lying “scroungers”. But he’s the real scrounger. Grayling claimed over £100,000 in expenses to renovate a plush Pimlico flat. He says he needed the flat close to parliament to carry out his work—yet he hardly ever uses it.

Grayling’s neighbours certainly don’t seem to see much of him. One said, “There is a light on occasionally, but he is not here very often.” After seeing a picture of the Tory, another said “I have no idea who this man is.”

He’s never there because he has three other flats within the M25. He spread his expense claims over two years to avoid going over the maximum limit. And he used the money to completely refurbish his flat—pushing its value up.

Grayling’s real aim is to throw people off benefits regardless of their circumstances. More evidence of this emerged just last week. The Tories employ private firm Atos to test people with disabilities and get them off benefits.

An investigation revealed that the government have dictated no more than 12 percent should be declared unfit to work.

The Tories want to force people onto lower rates of benefit, or none at all and enrich their mates in the process. They are the real lying scroungers—not people on benefits.

Reprinted with permission from http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=29256

On September 3rd 2012 my wife’s appeal comes up and is to be held at Lancaster Magistrates Court, making disabled people sit in a criminal court waiting room like a criminal, surrounded by criminals and other unsavory characters. This seems like a deliberate form of intimidation to me, designed make moral upstanding people feel like criminals and put them off attending the appeal.

Also according to the welfare rights and disability on line only 1 in 8 of disabled persons are winning their appeal, or should say permitted to as set out government guide lines despite the severity of their illness or disability.

The British legal system is supposed to be the fairest and most honest justice system in the world. And it’s failing genuinely disabled people. Does this mean the legal system is being controlled and has become corrupted by the government into committing perjury and perverting the course of justice? Something there stinks and needs investigating into and those responsible ought to be prosecuted, debarred or jailed.

My prognosis for the future of this country.

If this country is allowed to be run by David Cameron and the Tory party for much longer then we will start to see things reverting back to the 19th century, with no NHS, that’s already been hammered by cuts and under discussion. No unemployment benefits, the scrapping ESA. DLA and the replacement of PIP which is designed to cut benefits by up to 40% in some cases remove people off benefits altogether. What’ll happen to them I wonder. The Poor House? (Government run sweat shops)

No Housing Benefit for people on low incomes, already discussing cuts and eventual scrapping for the future, this will mean large companies similar to employment agencies will own vast amounts of property in the UK leaving workers on low income (the working class) homeless and with no choice but to work for a pittance or be on the company’s books for hired employment with smaller firms and companies.

The scraping of council tax benefits, this also is under discussion and I believe to be put into force next year. Which means these large companies won’t have tax on all their properties to pay.

The upper crusts, the Thatcher’s and David Cameron’s of the world have had enough of the lower classes being on par with themselves and having to share and let them trample in and out of their family mansions or in some cases buying and living in their precious mansions, sick of having lower class people ramble across their land under the rambling act. No they want it all back, the servants, the spender, and hundreds of workers bowing and doffing their caps to them, and all dependent and at their mercy, and the cost of running a car well out of the reach of the working classes clogging up there roads. The right to fox hunt again, drive trespassers off the land with a riding crop and have poachers flogged. In other words they intend to fulfill Margret Thatcher’s dream, all this was mapped out then in the 80s by the Tory’s, starting with the crushing of the Trade Unions, which to fulfill their dream this had to be done no matter what, even at the destruction of the nations industries, the Ship Yards, car, coal, steel industry, severely damaging the country and putting thousands out of work, at the same time craftily diverting everybody’s attention and concerns towards the troubles in the Falklands and else ware.

David Cameron and the rest of his racketeers intend to finish building Thatcher’s England.

All this will lead to grim times ahead for Britain with further rioting the likes never seen in this country, making the riots of last year seem like a free for all at a jumble sale if this arrogant lunatic isn’t stopped.

Is this ramblings of an over imaginative, desperate, stressed out, amitriptyline befuddled mind or is it the future of things to come. You decide!

Via Scope charity