Befriending Ana...
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Befriending Ana...
Some of you may be friends with 'Mia' or 'Ana', and some may not. Please don't judge those of us who are friends with either 'Ana' or 'Mia'. Thank you.
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♥EverydayEats♥ | Befriending Ana... |

Hey guys/girls, it's 4:08 pm right now and I might be going to boarding school next year!!!! Also I am freezing my ass of right now because of the stupid weather! URFGHR!!! It's 40-50 degrees out right now, and the wind is HORRIBLE! Both of the windows in my office are open completely, and I'm too comfortable to get up and shut either of them, so I just have to bear the cold. .......And I now have goosebumps. 


Anyways, it is now time to start the everydayeats post...




Breakfast: 9:45 am...152 calories   --This is my breakfast everyday.


Drink: A glass of ice water.

Food: 1 dippy egg (72 cal.), w/ a slightly browned & crisp piece of white toast (80 cal.)


Lunch: 11:00 am...Probably 0 calories-note sure.   --This is my lunch everyday.  


Drink: A glass of ice water.

Food: A little less than a handful of almonds-don't want to, but you need protein to live.


Dinner: 5/6/7:00 pm...Will edit in after dinner.


Drink: A glass of ice water.

Food: Will edit in after dinner.


Alright, guys! So that is my ♥EverydayEats♥ Segment for today, and I hope you liked it. (:


Well, unfortunately I have to go now, because my bff Hope J. got out of cheer practice 30 minutes ago, and after her homework is done she's coming over to stay the night. Yes, I know it is a school night, and she goes to public school, so we aren't going to school tomorrow. :D My online school ( has field trips every week, and tomorrow there is a snow tubing trip from 1-3 pm, so we have to cut her out of school completely tomorrow, and me too. 


I have to go now, and clean up my room and get better clothes on (she's beautiful and has awesome clothes, so I try to look my best in a casual way), so I have to get off.


P.S. I've been to public school, private school, and I'm in online schooling right now, so that's why I am SO completely excited about the possibility of boarding school.




Goodbye, and stay healthy. Much Lovee; ♥Anna


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What Has Happened Lately and Rambling Lists...♥

What Has Happened Lately and Rambling Lists...♥ | Befriending Ana... |

Hey guys/girls, it's 1:42 am right now and I am freaking out. I just ate some cereal and a lot of milk, and i ate way too much today before that. BUT; I wont purge, because I have never done that and don't plan to anytime soon. I am also freaking out be-well; how about I just make a list of reasons why I am freaking out so much right now...


~ate way too much today

~will not purge-so I have to live knowing I ate that much today

~can't exercise, because I'll wake my parents up & I was supposed to go to sleep at 12a

~can't go outside and exer. because I am freaked out at night, and by the dark. :P

~don't want to go to bed, but it's really late and I have ECOTonline schooling all week...

~and the complete WORST scale. freaking. Broke. 


Okay, so now you see why I am freaking out. Badly. Horribly. And about the last reason? My mom is not going to get paid for 4 days! So she can't buy me a new scale! Of course, though, I'm trying to keep my calm lately since no one knows that I am like, well, 'this'. That may be because I've only lost 4 lbs so far, but I'm just as obsessed as another. The only reason for the only losing 4 pounds thingy, is that I did lose about 2-3 lbs a week for quite a while-I've started out with taking it slow-, but then I wanted to try binging/purging. The only problem? I didn't have time to purge. Yeah, I said it. When I was just finished binging, my mom came downstairs-and luckily I had already hidden/put/thrown away all evidence-and told me to go to sleep. My bathroom is upstairs. Why isn't that good? Why couldn't I just purge when she went back to sleep?


Because, curious ones, my mom was now awake, my dad is a very light sleeper, and the bathroom is 1 door-mine-away from their room. So as you see, I obviously couldn't have purged at that time. And no, I couldn't have used the bathwater running trick, or the music blaring trick. Why? Because of the same reason: I literally HAD to go to bed. Or I would be grounded. Yes, grounded. And that would mean bad stuff. Because the more I can leave the house, the more I can pretend like I've already eaten, or I don't feel well. So, I also couldn't go purge outside, because I live in a 2-story house, and I would prefer not to risk falling out the window, thank you.


And that is why I promised myself never to try b/p ever again. So, if you are like me-an ana-then you would know my the hell I am freaking out right now.


It is now 2:00 am, and I need to get to sleep. But, before I go, here is a list of ana tips:


p.s. this list/blog is not meant to persuade anyone into starting ana. either way, it's not something you want, or try to start. It's something that just happens over time. Anyways, these are hiding tips, health tips, food/drink convincers, etc.


-If you are having a family dinner all around eachother, do eat, but eat only some protein (if there is any), veggies and/or fruit.


-At the end of dinner, when you have 1/2-3/4 plate left of food-and trust me you will-you can avoid talking and just stuff most of it in your mouth while arranging it on the plate to make it look like you actually ate a lot. Why should you stuff it in your mouth? Becuase, you don't have to swallow. You can isolate yourself over to a far-away trashcan, or the backyard. And guess what? Spit it out. Yep, just spit it all out. (:


-If you really want to eat something sweet, but you know that you have already eaten the certain amt. of cal. for today, or are on a fast; home-made lemonade. Use/mix together Kurtz lemon juice (2 1/2 capfuls), 4 packets Splenda sweetener, and 1 2/3 cups of ice water, then stir it all up. It's nice and sweet, refreshing, and if you just woke up, it's extra refreshing to take a gulp of the lemon juice (keep it refrigerated and it's more sour and delicious) seperately.


-If you feel like cracking and eating that sandwich, donut, candy bar, or whatever; (this is what I do,) promise yourself a king-size hersheys chocolate bar at the end of the week. Trust me, you'll eat a lot less that week knowing if you do, you'll get that chocolate.


-It's not like exercising and eating healthy; you lose stuff. Not just fat, but stuff like hair, muscle, nails, teeth, smooth skin, bright eyes, etc.

Want to prevent that? Listen up:


-omega 3 krill oil, omega 3 fish oil. You need the fat and protein to keep muscle; unless you want to be a twig...

-you need about 40-70g of protein depending on your weight; but no more than 25g at once. to get that, you need to eat almonds (sliced, so you feel you're eating less), eggs (be careful, 92 cal. each), squirrel, rabbit, beef, chicken, ham, frog, etc. (frog legs are delicious, and so is the squirrel neck!). 

-listen to 'Superchick Courage' on  and it will help you through the day. It's really motivating, and helpful, and also very thoughtful, so give it a shot. (:

-I'll definitely post the rest of my list that I have upstairs (don't want to go and get it) in my next blog.


But for now, goodnight everyone.


P.S. I will do a meal routine called EverydayEats, probably after I'm done with school, which is at 1-2pm. My school starts at 9:30am, but my brother and I wake up at 10:00. Well, I do. He skips school completely and watches the recorded sessions.




Goodnight, and stay healthy. Much Lovee; ♥Anna

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