Uses of a Chemical Peel Treatment | Beauty by Design |

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that is used to improve the facial skin surface. A chemical solution is often used to eliminate the top layers of the skin that enables the old skin surface to peel off. The peeling method gives new skin development that is often healthier, less wrinkled and smoother compared to the dead skin. Chemical peels need to be performed by visual experts such as beauty therapists, doctors and nurses. There are different forms of peel, deep, medial and superficial peels, classified by the acid solution strength utilized in the peel and how they infiltrate the skin. Additionally, deeper peels infiltrate the skin more and would need enough recovery time.

Superficial peels are an ideal option for many patients as they have a mild effect and do not require pain relief. They can also be used in more skin types that include darker skin tones, with less recovery time. While deep and medium chemical peels is not suitable for darker skin tones and it might also consume a couple of weeks for the skin to fully recover from the effects of the redness, inflammation and peeling. To prevent uneven excess pigmentation or uneven skin tone, use a sunscreen.