In the Corbières, the Pech de Bugarach, the top of the strange | BEATIFUL |
The ” Bug ” , as the locals call it, has not finished to attract attention. It is called “sacred mountain” . They say it emanates a unique energy, powerful and unifying. It would be one of the “chakras” of “Mother Earth” , the “vibratory rate” would rise each year more. It is also said that he would host an underground base for UFOs. Humans improvising “mediums” claim to have made ??contact with aliens who have invested (not us, too bad). Finally, some argue that it would be one of the few places where land men would survive the end of the world, that predicted by the Mayan calendar, which ends December 21, 2012.

In short, simply type ” Bugarach ” on a search engine to discover the esoteric intense activity prompted by the highest peak in the Corbières. Culminating at 1231 m, the Bug and crystallizes all the fantasies. Already in the spring solstice, March 21, hikers asked us intrigued in their path: “Did you notice something strange?” . The summer solstice also attracts its share of strange animals and new age . “Marches in conscience” , “walking initiation” , initiatives bloom … for those who can afford it.

The attraction of Pic is growing, to the dismay of the mayor of Bugarach and many people who fear they will be able to control the influx of visitors in December 2012. Rommie, owner of the charming cottages of the Presbytery Sander with her ??husband, unwilling to offend anyone. “The majority of clients come to nature, to the Cathar castles. From time to time, some come for energy, for Bugarach. I like to go upstairs to the beautiful view. But on the energy, I do not know ” .

For the first riddle, the answer is simple: by plate tectonics, limestone strata older than 135 million years have arisen over training between 15 million years, reversing the order geological layers. Otherwise, it is assumed that the geographical position of the peak currents catalyzed mystical already at work in the region.

Which indeed has not dreamed of treasure Saunière, the priest mysteriously enriched after having begun work in his church in Rennes-le-Château, a few miles from there? (To visit absolutely!) Who has not left wandering imagination to follow the quest of the last Cathars, the perfect and ideal refuge on windy peaks of the Corbieres? ( surveying the ruined castles in high winds is a unique experience!)

No need yet esoteric guide to access the apex, which is worth a look for even more pragmatic. A card or phone call to the House of Nature will do. The route taken by most of the neck of Linas, 6 km from Bugarach. In less than two hours, you are now at the top, watching the Pyrénées Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The track called “the window” sneaks near a hole in the rock. More air, accessible to good walkers, it takes two hours from the cascade of Mathieux. The love walk the entire loop to carry out from the village. Allow six to seven hours, including breaks. The opportunity for a nice walk between heaven and earth.

By: Carole

Via Jacques Le Bris