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In our social media-infused world, traditional marketing logic just doesn't work.


I had earmarked this article to share with you awhile ago and just found it again when cleaning up my emails. Better late than never!


Here's what I love about this post -- it makes no bones about the fact that marketing is changing. And if you haven't gotten with the program, get on board quick!


Now, I don't agree that ALL traditional marketing techniques are dead. But the author Bill Lee sure does make a great case explaining how things are changing. And his statistics are riveting.


And I also like that he shares with us what we need to do to stay with the curve:

Getting into community marketing Identify and promote customers that bring value (and not just based on how much they buy) Help your customers build social capital Involve your customers in creating solutions together


What's story got to do with it? Stories are the way the points above happen. It's all about the stories you share, listen to, promote, ask for, engage with, and retell. And hint hint -- these are your customer stories mostly!


Go read the article for all of Lee's insights. This will post will definitely get you thinking differently.


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