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A customer experience journey map is an incredibly useful tool to understand and improve your customer experience.  A great map documents your customer experience from your customer’s eyes, helping you to understand not only how customers interact with you today, but also identifies improvement opportunities.


Unfortunately, there is no standard for a customer experience journey map.  It can be built following high-quality design principles, or use smiley faces.  It can be a work of art, or something that looks like it belongs on a napkin.

I have included an sample on the right, as well as some useful links at the end of this post for those unfamiliar with a customer experience journey map.  The map may go by a different name, such as customer experience map, journey map, touch point map, etc.  The map provides a visual representation of how your customer uses your product or services, or how potential customers go through the shopping process.


In this post, I will detail the criteria we use at SMS Research Advisors to design and build our journey maps.  Please give feedback and comments as to what you see as critical.

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