East Baton Rouge sewage backups prompts suburban outhouse, has this problem impacted home values? | Baton Rouge Real Estate News | Scoop.it

"A few yards outside David Mastrianni’s four-bedroom, three-bathroom home is a 10-foot-tall wooden outhouse. But Mastrianni doesn’t live in rural country where you might expect …Every time there’s a heavy rain event, the toilets stop working, he said. When you have to use the bathroom seriously, we have to use the buckets, or else we’ll go somewhere. Plumbing problems like Mastrianni’s are not uncommon in Baton Rouge, which suffers from an undersized and inadequately maintained sewer system. Sewage flows out of manholes during heavy rain in neighborhoods across the parish. In some cases, sewage overflows into homes from toilets. That’s happened to Mastrianni twice, so far."