How Much Does A Baton Rouge Home Appraisal Cost? | Baton Rouge Real Estate News |

My Appraiser Friend in Birmingham AL, Tom Horn, SRA, explains Appraisal fees.  "I get asked a lot about the cost of an appraisal. More and more homeowners these days are seriously considering getting an appraisal on their home to help them price it correctly to sell. There appears to be a change in the mind set of many homeowners from several years ago when the market was appreciating at such a rapid rate. Many sellers would price their home at a very high level due to high demand and most of the time the home would sell fairly quickly, but in today’s market this is not the case. Competition for buyers is stronger and it is very important to list your home for the correct amount to move it as quickly as possible and to help reduce the likelihood of it not appraising for what it needs to for the mortgage."