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At Universal Refinish, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We guarantee that our clients will always receive superior customer service. Our team of experts take pride in what we do. Our superior refinishing and installation experience allows us to provide you with a professional, fully prepared staff that is ready to give you top quality service at a competitive price.


With 30 year experience and a leader in the refinishing industry. We provide bathtub countertop and tile refinishing service in the Atlanta GA area. We manufacturer our own refinishing coatings. With our experience in the industry. We know what the customers are looking for and what kind of durability our clients need. Universal Refinish will use the same product for a “Class A” hotel on a residential home. Our belief is that we all would want to have a commercial grade product. We believe in our superior products that are manufacture here in the US. There are two different types of coating we offer. Commercial grade coating that will give you a life experience of durability and looks. Our contractor grade coating is made for simple repairs and fixer uppers. We are happy to assist you in the coating that will best fit your needs.