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A.nimal testing

Torturing animals for our luxury is cruel, sick and mostly unnecessary. An estimated 94 % of animal testing is not for medical purposes, but for cosmetics and household products. The eu banned animal tests for cosmetic ingredients in 2009. But the cosmetic industry claimed that alternative ways of testing were not ready, and the ban has been put on hold indefinitely.



War and weapons are big business. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (usa, uk, France, China and Russia) are the world’s biggest arms producers. Paradoxically, their main aim is to “maintain peace and security” in the world.



Fields make up only 2.4 % Of cultivated land. Yet they need one fifth of all chemicals used in agriculture worldwide. The cotton industry has also marginalised the cultivation of other textile plants, such as linen or hemp, whose environmental impact is comparatively small.