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18 Boss Bloggers You Should Be Following Now


Here is a list of 18 boss bloggers who blogs about blogging you should be following now.
Ileane Smith:

It is amazing that we are all friends and super connected!

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18 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now


Ever wanted to learn more about content marketing but don't know where to go to? Well, in this article you can find 18 high-quality content marketing blogs that will help you get all the information you need for your content marketing strategies. So if you're interested in content marketing, here are the blogs that everyone should…
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Top 5 Little-Known Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Make You Money (How To Fix It)


Blog post at No Passive Income : Let me start by asking you a simple question and I want you to be very sincere with me; how old is your blog? How much has your blog made yo[..]
Ileane Smith:

I agree that there are a lot of "lazy" bloggers out there. I'm not sure lazy is the appropriate word but I'll just say they want lots of return on very little investment. They have very little patience and they are looking for quick results. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way anymore....

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25 Top Blogs To Help You Become A Smarter Blogger


Want to become a smarter blogger? Build a more profitable blogging business with the help of these 25 top pro bloggers and their blogs..#18.
Miss Ileane Smith is the gal behind popular blog BasicBlogTips.  Now BBT specialises in sharing beginner and advance blogging tips, social media tips and one of Ileane’s favorite topics, YouTube and video marketing.  Ileane has a large and loyal reader base and updates her blog regularly with fresh content with actionable tips.  I’ve even had the pleasure of guest blogging for  You can visit Ileane’s blog here and become part of her growing community.

Fabrizio Van Marciano's comment, April 13, 2014 2:57 PM
Thanks a bunch for sharing this here Ileane :)
Wiziva's curator insight, May 23, 2014 5:02 PM

Before you become the best and the brightest blogger, first it is a good idea to see what are the other smart bloggers doing. This is a great list of the top blogs that you need to check. 

25 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post


Blog post at Rebekah Radice :
Writing your latest blog post and hitting publish is just the beginning when it comes to growing your subscription base. 
If you truly w...

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10 Point Check List For Blog Promotion

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Better Grammar for Business Writing - Get Around Those Grammar Goofs - Infographic


Writing for a small business audience? Your content should be sharp and reasonably free of common grammatical errors. This visually appealing right-brain graphic inspires left-brain content production.

It’s A Doggone Shame!
In a guest post he wrote for BasicBlogTips, 5 Ways Your Blog Might Be Irritating People, Mitch Mitchell names “grammar” as his number 2 pet peeve (with spelling following right on its heels).

Where did you learn to write like that? Most of the time people don’t ask that question because they like the way you write, and that’s a shame. Everyone isn’t perfect; I get that. However, I see more people that write worse than they talk, and that’s a shame. I like to think I’m one of the few people I know who writes much better than I speak; that’s a shame as well but at least in writing I’m not bad. — Mitch Mitchell

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