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What's He Building? Lyric Meaning - Tom Waits Meanings

What's He Building? Lyric Meaning - Tom Waits Meanings | Banned Books Z. |

I feel as the song "What's He Building?" by Tom Waits represents Tom Buchanan the best. This song is told from a wife who is suspicious about her husband, leading her to believe the worst about him, even though she's not 100% sure of what he's up to. In The Great Gatsby, Tom is having an affair with Daisy and is secretive about his other life with Mrytle. However, Daisy is suspicious, which can be seen when Tom has to take a phone call when Nick is over at their house. In the song, there's a line that says, "He's hiding something from the rest of us...he's all to himself...I think i know why...". This line is almost identicle to the situation that Daisy is in with Tom. Daisy is suspicious that Tom has another girl somewhere else, but she just can't connect the dots. Also, the song gives off a mysterious and dark tone, which are adjectivies that thoroughly describe Tom. Tom is mysterious by living another life with another women and not giving any information about it. He's also dark because of the way he acts, from pushing Nick around to hitting Myrtle and breaking her nose. Lastly, the song is full of questions, which summarizes Daisy's take on Tom. Daisy is full of questions about Tom, and none of them seem to be answered due to his secretive ways.

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Zach Z.'s comment, November 11, 2012 9:56 PM
The way you described that song was able to fit Tom Buchannan perfectly. Everything about it was spot on. Tom Buchannan was a perfectionist; however he was a perfectionist in bad way. He says he goes to make a fool of himself, but I think it’s more often than not. Daisy is also suspicious at the beginning of the novel but realizes what was actually going on with Tom and Myrtle so she begins her own affair with Gatsby. I did look up the song and you are completely correct when you said that the song has a dark and deep tone to it. It is a very mysterious sound and it deservingly fits Tom. His mysterious was could have caught up to him earlier, and I believe that they should have. Daisy has suspicion during a phone call early in the novel just after she hears Gatsby is in town. However she does not truly act upon her suspicion until much later in the novel when she begins her affair with Gatsby. From that point in the novel, it begins to pick up the climax occurs when Myrtle, Tom’s mistress, is hit and killed by Daisy and when George kills Gatsby in his pool.
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Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood... Daisy

Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood... Daisy | Banned Books Z. |

I feel like the song Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood does a great job of depicting Daisy, Tom's wife. Tom is cheating on her and I feel like something drastic could occur

with Daisy. Daisy seems very controlled with her emotions but could easily break out at any moment. Underwood’s song is about a girlfriend finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and how she gets back at him. A quote from the song is “So I dug my key in his pretty little supped up four wheel drive”. This shows Underwood’s temper while writing the song and could be a lot like Daisy’s current feelings about Tom. Daisy could simply snap and that point anything could happen. Right now, Daisy has found out about Tom, who is cheating and Daisy is getting even by beginning a relationship with Jay Gatsby, who is a past lover. Jay Gatsby is not helping the mental instability of the people in the book because he is knowingly pushing Daisy towards a relationship with himself which he knows Tom would not take lightly. Right now the only thing I can be assured of in this book is that anything can happen and that is really what is the song is like too.

Ian Seal's comment, November 12, 2012 6:07 PM
I like the way this is written, it shows the true nature that the book can have. It shows all the drama that the relation between Daisy and Tom have, and how it shapes the story.
Ian Seal's comment, November 12, 2012 6:10 PM
I believe that this song depicts Daisy's emotions towards the relationship between Tom and her. Although it doesn't represent the actions that Daisy would have when it comes to dealing with Tom. She would never use force against Tom because she is scared to death of him. In the book she knows that Tom is cheating with Myrtyle, and she says "it can't be helped" so this song shows how Daisy feels about the relationship between her and Tom, but does not show how she would actually deal with it.
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Rethinking the American Dream

Rethinking the American Dream | Banned Books Z. |

The American Dream. What was an idea of glory and power now has changed. It was exploration across American from sea to shining sea, it now is now maintaining 401ks and holding the worthless job that is just enough to get you by until your next paycheck. Many people do not feel the need to travel the world and make changes on your own accord whether it would be trying for kids or finding a wife or getting a new job. To me the older version of the American Dream has gone and is replaced with stability, which is nice, but less adventurous. However, the Vanity Fair article show the same values that shaped this nation are different from the values that shape American home's today. Today the values of fame and fortune that are throughout the homes of the Generation Y are of fame, fortune, and the idea of perfection being the only thing that’s being told. But the real world is filled with different realities. The real world is filled with failure and trial and error. Overall the real world is not what we make it out to be it’s a lot harder.

Joe O.'s comment, November 11, 2012 7:17 PM
I agree with the points you make in this article! I also feel as the older perspective of the American Dream has vanished and has been replaced by a new dream of wealth and greed. However, I feel as the two American Dreams both share the pursuit of happiness. No matter what the other objectives are to achieve the American Dream, I believe that someone hasn't achieved the American Dream unless they are happy, regardless of the generation. I also agree with your point on the real world v. the American Dream. Too many people are stuck in the world of what they wish they can have and set unrealistic goals, when in reality, they should prepare with what is really manageable and base their American Dream off of that. Nobody is perfect and having an American Dream that consists of a $5 million mansion and a Lamborghini is unreasonable, while having an American Dream of a comfortable home and a healthy family would be more realistic. However, if someone works to their fullest potential, then any dream is reachable, but for the most part, these exotic dreams are a mere fantasy. I also agree with your point on how the real world is a lot harder than how we put it out to be, which I believe causes many of these unrealistic goals.
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David Petraeus stepped down as the director of the CIA on Friday, citing an affair.

This article, I feel like has to do with Tom and Daisy Buchannan mostly, because he had an affair but it didn't end his marriage. David Petraeus was the director of the CIA for 37 years and was one of the top graduates at West Point. He changed the military in several ways and was considered one of the greatest military minds of his generation. His reason for leaving was having poor judgment and having an extra martial affair, like Tom and eventually Daisy. Tom’s affair was discovered, in the book, very early in the novel. The affair with Myrtle is one of the first things we are told about Tom. Much later in the book we learn that Gatsby and Daisy had a previous relationship, which develops into an affair before Myrtle’s death in chapter 7. While Tom’s, Daisy’s, and Petraeus’ affairs were similar in many respects, they were different as well. Petraeus’ affected his career and has put a black spot on his reputation. Tom and Daisy have little to no career mentioned in the book and all of their money came from family members’ wealth that Tom and Daisy seemed to have inherited. Also Petraeus has much less money than Tom and Daisy so he will need to find work in a different form.


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The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age | Banned Books Z. |

The music during the 1920s truly revitalized the era. The music during era even gave the time period its name (the Jazz Age). Music in any time period can

transcend over many aspects of pop culture. Music has a direct influence on dance but it also describes the thoughts and emotions of the younger generation during the time period. During the Jazz Age dancing was changing and the older generations did not approve of the dance forms saying that the conditions were immoral and should not be allowed publicly or privately. This began a change that has continued into this era and was mostly actively displayed at this year’s Homecoming Dance. I can relate to some of the restrictions that people enforced against music because it has occurred in today’s age. Also the music in this generation indirectly influences great artists like Whitney Houston and other popular pop artists because jazz influenced Motown and early rock music which shaped many artists. Often times I have found that the quality of writing of lyrics in many songs from the Jazz Age was better than some of the writing in songs that radio stations play today.

Joe O.'s comment, October 30, 2012 4:13 PM
I agree with your point that jazz has influenced a lot of current music! Without the Jazz Age, we wouldn't have the more "wilder" music that we have today. Also, good use of using modern events that relate with the 1920s! I also agree that music influences emotions, with different types of music affecting a variety of emotions
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Why Is 'Hunger Games' On Banned Book List? - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV

Why Is 'Hunger Games' On Banned Book List? - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV | Banned Books Z. |

In honor of Banned Books Week, Hobnobbing turns the page of other controversial novels turned into movies.


This article mostly explains why books can be banned and how books become banned. In the past 2 years "The Hunger Games" has been one of the most banned books. The novel is not unlike a book calle "Fahrenheite 451" which also speaks out against societies that do not advocate "thinking". "The Hunger Games" was made into a movie which is why it was placed on this list. "The Hunger Games" was banned because of anti-ethnic, anti-family, intensity, offensive language, occult/satanic, violence. Towards the end of the article a few other novels that had made into movies were included, which were "Harry Potter"," Bridge to Terabithia", "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", "The Golden Compass", "My Sister's Keeper", and "Twilight". The reasons cited were extensive and included most things from unsuited for age group to sexism, homosexuality to religous viewpoint, occult/satanism to offensive language.

Ian Seal's comment, October 29, 2012 12:16 PM
I disagree with the banning of books. I feel that censoring is not only bad on the writer, but on the reader. Most of the books that are banned are non-fiction, an example Hunger Games. Taking out these books is harmful on the reader and writer because it limits what the reader can read, and limits the audience of the writer. Most of the reasons behind the banning of books are unreasonable, i. e. the reason why the hunger games is banned. So that is why I don't like the idea of banned books.