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[Page 1]...Banned books in America is a commonly covered topic daily throughout schools and libraries.  October is the month when banned books are celebrated throughout libraries and schools.  With schools and libraries celebrating this is the 30th anniversary across the country.  Just recently Carmel High School had a special presentation in the library about banned books and censorship.  It encourages people to pick up a banned book and read it.  Banning books is silly because regardless it's still reading and it's good for the brain.  Knowing about the history of banned books is sickening and for people to burn books is un American and is un heard of.  According to Daily News "

Thousands of individuals and institutions across the United States participate in Banned Books Week each year, and it has grown into a premier literary event and a national awareness and advocacy campaign around censorship."  I don't understand how people can get that worked up over a book.  People don't see the good side of it, which is getting into the story and expanding your vocabulary.