Does anyone believe that books and other forms of media should be banned or censored? Well, I don't, because not only is it an infringement of an individual's right to share ideas among the general public, but also takes away the opportunity for others to recognize and to assess the ideas being expressed through those materials. Although sometimes people do not favor certain types of ideas,, it just wouldn't be right to completely get trash it and to completely forget about it. You never know when it can serve as a useful tool of some sort in the future. Censorship in governments across the globe also shouldn't exist. Of course to an extent, such as the protection of the citizen, government should implement a fair and justified form of censorship but many country exploit their own people by "brainwashing" them with false or insufficient informations and facts. For example, North Korea during the reign of Kim Jung-Il created an idolistic structure and belief, basing the people and government's faith in the "Dear Leader." The government made sure that the people of North Korea respected and loved their leader through not just force, but also domestic media such as the news, radio, and other forms of media by constantly praising Kim Jung-Il and his decisions and beliefs. To wrap all of this up into one blog, any negative form of censorship and/or banning of ideas should be prohibited. Such restricitions limit our mind from further expanding endlessly, and that just isn't fair to anyone. We didn't have such limitation, our world would be much more open to various ideas and conflicts would be resolved in a much more peaceful manner.