Reinventing A Suburban Business Park With 30 Electric Cars | bancoideas |

San Francisco is a hotbed of innovation around networked, shared transportation, where one can use app-based services to fetch a ride (Uber), find parking (SFPark) and gain access to just about everything with wheels—from cars and rides to scooters and bikes. 
But traveling 25 miles east to Pleasanton, Calif., it’s standard procedure to drive alone in a gas-guzzler, like many parts of suburban America.

Now a new pilot program, dubbed “Dash,” changes that paradigm by bringing 21st Century networked mobility to a quintessential 1970s environment: the suburban business park.

The initiative uses 30 small electric cars on loan from Toyota to City CarShare, a Bay Area non-profit.  The EVs will be positioned throughout a residential and business development where 18,000 people work, and 4,000 people live.  When fully deployed, residents will be no more than a five-minute walk away from quick, easy and cheap zero-emissions mobility.

Via Lauren Moss