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Sumba, June 19, 2015—Sumba real estate is on the rise. For ages, people have been searching for the next Bali. Who could have guessed, it is just around the corner, figuratively speaking, on the island of Sumba. One company, 01ISLANDS, believes in that.

01ISLANDS is an investor group; the first real estate company specialized in selling Sumba land. Since 2012, 01ISLANDS has been acquiring hectares of premium land across the island: beachfront land, top-of-the-cliff land overlooking the sea and plots with private beach spread over several locations in Sumba. Unlike common real estate agencies, 01ISLANDS partners only sell land they own. With this strategy, 01ISLANDS is able to give prices as low as 25% to 35% below market price as well as a daring money back guarantee in the period of 12 months on any purchased land.

Sumba, like many places all over Indonesia, offers beauty like no other. Pristine blue sea and thriving biodiversity in all its glory surrounds this island twice the size of Bali. Long beach lines with silky-smooth white sand that stretch and wind their way as far as the eye can see. The people are welcoming, rich with exotic culture, so unique with their indigenous belief system known as Marapu.

“All beautiful aspects of the island, on top of its cultural heritage, make Sumba one of a kind. No. It’s not even the next Bali, it will be the first Sumba,” says Omri Ben-Canaan, CEO of 01ISLANDS.

One of the visions of 01ISLANDS is to promote Sumba to a completely new level.“It’s a world-class, resort-worthy location. Each corner is perfect for tourism,” says Justin Dallas, one of the company shareholders. “A very important part of our vision about Sumba in the future is that we want the island to be developed in a sustainable way. So every future project we have will include renewable energies, giving back to the community, create jobs, and one of our maingoals is also to create the 01ISLANDS Foundation or to be a part of an already existing one.” He adds.

For that purpose, 01ISLANDS is committed to keep, consolidate and improve its position as the largest real estate company in Sumba, providing a catalogue of land in prime locations to people who intend to invest on the island. “We put the security of investments made through our company on top of our list,” says Omri. “All deals are stroke under the assessment of notable notaries to ensure everything is in accordance with Indonesian law.”

The price of Sumba property has increased more than ten folds in the past four years and it keeps increasing. For all, this signals a perfect time to invest.




01ISLANDS is a real estate investor group specialized in buying and selling Sumba real estate. Their focus is allowing investors to buy hassle-free in Sumba. With affiliated services of planning, building and developing, they offer their clients a range of services that they need to be able to start their project right away.


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Buy a property in Sumba

Buy a property in Sumba | Bali |

Via Omri Ben-Canaan
Omri Ben-Canaan's curator insight, May 13, 2015 9:21 AM


Real Estate Sumba island is very wide and property is still sold by the HECTARE (10,000m2) not by the ARE (100m2) like on other islands .

Prices are still extremely affordable compared to Bali, Lombok or Flores for instance however property value is increasing very fast year on year. Many investors are keen on investing their money in Sumba as it is seen as “The new Bali” in terms of investments and opportunities. Real Estate is being sold with the freehold title only (so far!)

These Last 3 years Sumba clearly revealed itself as a gem for investors, including us at !

Beautiful nature and culture, amazing settings, wonderful beaches, and surf spots. Sumba is an ideal location for tourism thus real estate investments.

Certifying a new land is a lengthy and complicated process, that should be undertaken only by knowledgeable professionals to avoid any disappointment.

Few years ago only, one could only buy a property with barter (waterbuffaloes, goats or pigs). With more and more foreigners and investors coming to do business in Sumba, money rapidly replaced cattle, but this shows that we are at the dawn of a real estate trading era, with skyrocketting prices.

Feel free to contact us for some help: