Sayed Jaffa, a 70 year old man,  is suffering from the frugality of the Al-Khalifa regime, as do all  Bahraini . During  his life he was active in all pro-democracy protests in Bahrain for more than 30 years.  But unfortunately, in his few past years, he has developed memory loss to the events that just happened.   He can recall events that happened  more than 35 years ago.  He is starting to develop Alzheimer's disease.  He was a seller in Jidhafs market selling watermelons and dates.  As the pro-democracy protest on  14th of February began,  he answered the call from the 14feb youth at the start of the protest in Al-daih village.  After the protest started in the pearl roundabout, he went there. On 02/16/2011 around 1:45am,  before the first clash at the pearl roundabout, he was walking around his home  near the pearl roundabout.  He was assaulted by mercenaries and bandits who hit him with sticks and with their hands. They punched him and kicked him until he went unconscious and then they threw him in the street until someone saw him and called the ambulance for him.   Now he is in full memory loss and unable to move properly due to the operation done upon his head because he had internal bleeding after he was beaten.