Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

The long suffering of Shaikh Mohammed Habib Almoqdad at the hands of the Bahraini regime..

The long suffering of Shaikh Mohammed Habib Almoqdad at the hands of the Bahraini regime.. | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

....The following are some of the violations committed against Al Meqdad during the arrest & investigation phase.  Their behavior with Al Meqdad shows how his arrest was inappropriate for cleric, without any consideration to his religious position or his social statues or his age.

[List of tortures]

1. Depraving him from sleeping for seven consecutive days until he fainted.
2. Standing for hours on his feets which led to fatigue and sometimes fainting.
3. Beating him with batons and kicking him to force him to stand again.
4. He was hanged upside down from his feet. He was being beaten with plastic cables and sticks. He was tortured this way many times for long periods.
5. Using an electric detonator on sensitive area of the body. It has left physical and psychological effects. Many of them still exist despite that it’s been more than a year.
6. Beating him with plastic wire on the back, stomach, thighs and other parts of the body ( After a year now, the marks on his body can still be seen).
7. Kicking him with their legs and stepping on his face, head, neck with their shoes and even sometimes put them inside his mouth.
8. Beating him on the feet with batons after throwing him on the ground. Tightening his handcuffs and beating the legs harshly to the point of bleeding.
9. Handcuffing his hands to the back and blindfolding his eyes.
10. Forcing him to stand for long periods and his hands rose to the top without touching the walls.
11. Pouring cold water on his body and bed inside the prison cell.
12. Spitting on the face and preventing them from wiping it off.
13. Repeatedly, he was forced to open his mouth to spit inside and they made him swallow it before eating.
14. Swearing and cursing his honor. After being tortured they forced other prisoners to testify that Al Meqdad was saying that and not the prison officers. Furthermore, he was forced to call himself inappropriate names such as “I’m an animal, I’m a dog”.
15. Insulting religion and its beliefs and humiliating Muslim leaders.
16. Defaming our religious beliefs like why worshiping the soil (Turba of Imam Hussain)? And calling Shiah with names such as “infidels and traitors”.
17. He was forced to kiss the shoes of officers in prison (many prisoners were forced to do so) and in case he refused to do so, they attack him with beatings and more physical and psychological assaults.
18. Striping him off for long periods along with using black hoses on his back while being stripped. It happened for several times.
19. Threats of assaulting his family
20. Causing noises at nights by clubbing on the iron bars of the cells to prevent him from sleeping.
21. Forcing Al Meqdad to kiss symbols of the Bahraini and Saudi regime (members of the royal families of both countries).
22. Restricting him from using the bathroom and not allowing him to use it when needed . and when it is allowed to be used, he is given a limited time.
23. He was forced to cover his whole body including the face, with blankets when going to the bathroom in order not be seen or recognized by anyone.
24. Prevented from having a shower, or changing his clothes for at least two weeks.
25. Standing under the sun at noon.
26. Violations were made also on the way from and to the military court, opposition leaders were tied with strong ropes on their necks that led to difficulties in breathing and sometimes vomiting while being handcuffed. Also Al Meqdad along with others, were blindfolded and their faces and hands were covered with sacks of cloths on their way to the court.

27. Within the waiting room onside the court, prisoners were mocked and pushed to each other.

28. Deprived from contacting his family during the first period of the detention.

29. Deprived from contacting a lawyer during the investigation and the military prosecution.

30. Put in solitary confinement (it was a small underground cell in the MOI fort). It lasted for three months.

31. Forced to sign a statement (Confessions) during investigations without reading or knowing its content.

32. Denial of medical care, and treatment.

33. Threats of sexual abuse, even sexual harassment occurred for some prisoners, including Sheikh Mirza Al-mahroos, "I have seen how he shouted due to the severe pain to." said Sheikh Al-Meqdad.

34. Psychological torture (Threats and the hearing the shouts of other prisoners from the severe pains).

35. Denial of adequate and acceptable food.

36. Officers deceived prisoners by telling them that they are outside Bahrain, "they tell us you are in Saudi Arabia's prisons, we will sentence you harsh sentences, your heads will be cut with the sword", Meqdad said.

37. Entering dogs inside the prison ward while lights off, the dogs barked and attacked the cells viciously and brutally.

38. Raiding homes of detainees during their arrest, smashing the doors and tampering with the contents of the house. Along with, Stealing and confiscation some of the house belongings, such as computers, mobile phones, money and others.
39. Spreading terror by raising weapons and guns in the faces of women and children during house raids.

40. He was beaten with hands and batons in a military court building, to the extent that on 22.06.2011 he shouted "peacefully peacefully, the people are asking for freedom" in court when the verdict came out. The leaders were tortured and according to them “no one was spared”.

41. According to Al Meqdad: "I was beaten and tortured at the fort Hospital while I was getting treatment and on the hospital bed. He added” that did not prevented them from hitting me and torturing me."
42. Al Meqdad along with other prisoners, were attacked and tortured while sleeping at night. He stated "This has happened to me personally that while I was sleeping, a group of masked men removed the quilt from my face, and began torturing me."
43. Not allowed to exercise their religious rituals, such as restricting prisoners from doing their prayer, reading the holy Qur'an.
44. Al Meqdad was forced to gargle with urine at the Fort Hospital when asked to examine a sample of urine.

45. Forced to do dignifying and revolting things, by which he was ashamed to mention.

Individuals responsible for Al Meqdad’s torture


[List of torturers]

1. Prince Nasser bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the son of the country's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa: -
2. Badr Ibrahim Ghaith - a captain at the National Security Agency, He tortured Al Meqdad on the night of his arrest.
3. Yousif Al-Mannai - a lieutenant at the National Security Agency tortured Meqdad on the night of his arrest.
4. Mohamed Owaid (a Jordanian national) - a lieutenant at the National Security Agency, , who has threatened and tortured Al Meqdad. Al Meqdad had seen his face during his current arrest, and recognized him from previous arrests. Owaid told Al Meqdad “ I’m not afraid from anyone, I will shoot whoever come near my house”

5. Abdullah Al Suri - a lieutenant at the National Security Agency , Al Meqdad saw his face while torturing him ( on the same night Nasser Bin Hamad tortured the Sheikh).

6. Major. Basil Siyadi – He knows all torturers who cover their faces with masks to hide their true identity, Al Meqdad demanded that Siyadi should be presented to the law to reveal all information needed about the torturers in the Bahraini prisons.

The above mentioned individuals are among those who tortured Sheikh Mohammed Al Meqdad,

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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Bahraini – Swedish Citizen Mohamed Habib Al Meqdad’s Testimony in front of the Court on 19/June/2012 | EBOHR

Bahraini – Swedish Citizen Mohamed Habib Al Meqdad’s Testimony in front of the Court on 19/June/2012 | EBOHR | Human Rights and the Will to be free |


Sheikh Mohamed Habib Al-Moqdad started his speech with greeting the judges.
And says: the case that you’re here accusing me with is totally not a crime, it’s related to free speech that you don’t allow for some reasons, and due to my political views against the government and the regime of Bahrain. You’re not accusing me; you’re accusing the people of Bahrain by taking us into prison and jail us for demanding our rights. This is the story of Bahraini people who struggled and fought for their freedom so many years, as they are struggling main time for the same reason; which is their freedom and to get their rights. The people of Bahrain fought many years for their freedom and democracy, and that’s the only way that can restore their right to live with dignity.


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