Free Captin Salah Fareed Alshayeb: A call to the Bahraini government to release Captin Salah Alshayeb | Human Rights and the Will to be free |
He was promoted to a Senior Captain in 2009 and held that position till the day he was fired. He worked in various areas as a CRM Facilitator, instructor for A320/A340. He was always rated as a top pilot and recently granted the license P-1497 (Rating P1:A320,A330. before two weeks from his arrest he was fired from his work because he particpated in the funeral of one martyr who was killed by the riot police during the
Salah has three children, a son aged 14, two daughters agged 9 and 3 years old.
He is family oriented person with his dedication to his family and work. Salah has devoted his life to help the needy and commitment to comfort the poor. Salah's work was largely responsible in community services and working to the aid of others
His arrest coincides with a severe government crackdown on opposition activists and his home was stormed on 7 th of may 2011 at mednight at 3am and till today he is not charged and he didnt meet his lawer and his case wasnt transfered to the court
The reason for his arrest or his present whereabouts are unknown, Captin Salah Alshayeb is a simple man who served his country by his position as a captain in gulf air and he is not an actvist and he does not belong to any politcial party and we believe that he was targeted because he is a relative of the actvist Raoof Alshayeb who is in london criticizing the goverment in the media

We call on the Bahraini goverment to release Captain Salah Fareed Alshayeb and overturn this serious miscarriage of justice!