Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

The long suffering of Ashwaq at the hands of the Khalifas in Bahrain!

The long suffering of Ashwaq at the hands of the Khalifas in Bahrain! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

I am now  starting the translation of Ashwaq (16yrs),  after her release from Alkhalifa prison, and after being arrested in City Center mall.

1 Ashwaq:  What's the guilt thatthis  nation's flower is being trampled under feet?  For what guilt are our faces  thrown on the  ground and  our hands are tied?

2 For what guilt do we have to  hear the worst phrases and swearing, to be exposed to humiliation and insulting of our persons and religion?

3  For what guilt have we been exposed to ridiculous insults of our symbols?  For what guilt  were we punished by having to stand up for so long?....

4  For what guilt have we been harshly treated, deprived of prayer,  food and water, to be struck by monsters, and kicked by unclean shoes?

5 For what guilt have we  been beaten on our heads and backs? 

6 I personally have sickle cell anemia, and a tall and heavy female policeofficer  sat on my back, I can't bearthis  due to my illness!

7 For what guilt have I been badly handcuffed for 3 hrs in  unbearable pain?   :-(

8 For what  guilt have I been tortured at this age (16yo),  and with my illness that keeps my from being able to endure this?!

9 For what guilt have  my friends(Fatima & Khadija)13yo, and I,   been  deprived of school and my cousin is deprived from the University?

10 For what guilt are the dear Mothers,  Lyla,Muneera,Huda,Ebtisam,Zainab,    being deprived of their sons?

11 For what guilt is our Islamic Hijab  being sodomized?  And we're said to be like sheeps and goats?

12 I was told that my body will be taken to my mother when dead!  For what  guilt is the son to be tortured in front of his mother?

13 Yes, then I realized the sin, the sin is the truth!   The pro-democracy fair, the call to end the injustice and tyranny.......

14 Yes,  tyranny!   That puts us under the feet of injustice.  We have felt such humiliation that we thought we would not  come back to life!

15 We eyewitnessed torture, injustice, mockery, ridiculous humiliation, insults and verbal abuse, following this brutality.......

16 It was an indescribable feeling, strong shock!  We lived as if in a nightmre!  We didn't expect what happened!  We got into the  car, and

17 we were forced to get out, we refused, we were screaming and shouting in panic and fear, indescribable......!

18 They sprayed us with teargas, riot police strongly pushed my sister away from us, they pushed us strongly and harshly pulled us.......

19 I was severely hurt, weakened by  the sickle cell illness.  We left, they hit us and kicked us.   My Abaya opened and tore.....

20 Throughout all the suffering, I was concerned with my Hijab, I asked them to close my Abaya.  They shouted:  'Now you want to cover?'

21  They shouted and swore: 'illigitmate sons!.'   I was telling them of my illness and asking for mercy. I can't bear this!

22 They responded: ' You should die, we will take your dead body to your mother.'  They pushed us down facing the  floor.

23 Whilst thrown down,  I had no doubt they might drive over us, I thought we would die!  We were told to not raise our heads.....

24 They asked us to wipe our nose with the ground, they were laughing in mockery! You know what I remember from  that moment?

25 I remember our Honorable  Zainab (PUH)!  I feel shy when I remember her, shy of her patience, how she suffered ..... I cried!

26 After being thrown down on the floor,  a heavy female police officer sat on my back and handcuffed me, I felt my soul will come out......

27 My cousin told me: 'Don't overstress yourself!',  they kicked her head and mine with their shoes! I tried to strengthen myself......

28 We thanked God, who gave us patience.  We were repeating prayers and Imam Ali prayers.

29 While face-down on  the ground, they kicked us on our heads, backs, and  legs with their battons and shoes.  We heard the screams of the son.......

30 The son of detained Muneera, she was torn between the need  to care for her son, her daughter,  or herself!  They were all beaten at  same time......

31 We were in the  bus and they asked us to repeat slogans.  They recorded with their BB.  We covered our faces  as they beat us badly.

33 What happened to us in the car park of City Center was never never never easy! Our Hijab was the worst! The pain can never be told!

34 We were transfered to Noaim Police. We stayed there for the length of the torture, humiliation, insults. I couldn't tolerate it, and went to the hospital.

35 When I asked to be taken to the  hospital, a female police officer said: 'Lazy!  You suffer nothing!'  The male officer cared more and allowed me to go......

36 I was taken to the hospital and returned at 3am. Others were already taken to the public prosecution,  I was left alone......

37 During investigation,  we had no access to lawyer.  We were there until 2.30PM before being transfered to a prison cell.

38 You can imagine the humiliation!  From  the arrest until Sat night, we weren't allowed  toilet access, water, or food!

39 We wanted to sleep, but the detention center female police were humiliating even while being transfered to court!

40 After a few days,  22 female detainees were released, we remained and were held for court .

41 I only was released due to the frustration of female police who had to take me to hospital daily, or even more than once a day!

42 I was badly treated even when taken or returned from the hospital. I asked to sleep in the hospital,  but they refused....

43 I expected the charge from the court, others expected that I wouldn't be charged due to my illness. I was awaiting my destiny.

44 My family were told of  the day of court, they respond that I was sleeping in the hospital,  thenI was re-arrested!

45 Sometimes I feel worried about my health, my studies and my loved ones.  Other times, I feel comfortable, I am suffering for my nation!

46 I suffered all for my nation, my people, by the Witness of God,I kept my smile all the time. I am restored to life.

47 They deprived me of school and graduation, but I'll go back to school.  I will continue my studies, and I'll graduate with excellence!


[I just finished translating the speach of Ashwaq,( 16yrs) telling the story of her arrest and tortutre!  47 parts!  I coudn't stop my tears.   Retweet please! ]

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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Lamees Dhaif presents: Ashwaq Killed twice لميس ضيف تقدم: أشواق | #FreeAshwaq

Do not forget Ashwaq AlMugabi !


She is imprisoned for exercising her right to speak freely.  She suffers under the burden of sickle cell anemia and has been arrested from her hospital bed!



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Scooped by Spencer Haskins! - Summify

Ashwaq AlMagabi was brutually arrested in the car park of the city centre mall on 23rd Oct 2011. she was beaten & detained & later sentenced to 6 months in Jail.

Ashwaq suffers from Sickle Cell Amnemia & had to be released from Jail to be treated in Salmaniya hospital, on discharge the staff rang MOI and the police came and put her back in jail, less than 24 hrs later, Ashwaq is been treated again for her illness in a military hospital in Bahrain.

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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Lamees Dhaif presents: Shame on You! | Learn of the Bahraini Pro-reform movement!

لميس ضيف تقدم : عار عليكم

Free and drop all charges against all Prisoners of conscience in Bahrain!

Allow for peaceful demonstrations, expression of free speech , and allow all forms of worship.


Implement the recommendations of the Bahrain Inquiry ASAP!

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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

FREE Ashwaq ! !

FREE Ashwaq ! ! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

She is 17 years of age & suffers from sickle cell anemia!!   She was Jailed today straight from a Hospital bed!      Barbaric, uncaring Khalifas!

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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Bahrain girl teen protester re-arrested in spite of health conditions | Women News Network

Bahrain girl teen protester re-arrested in spite of health conditions | Women News Network | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Seventeen-year-old Ashwaq Al Magabi suffers from a severe form of sickle cell anemia. The fatal disease can cause chronic pain, weakness and deteriorating damage to the bones, kidneys, lungs, eyes, heart, and liver. Ashwaq was sentenced in Bahrain’s penal court 26 days following her first arrest on October 19,2011. Her current sentence includes six months imprisonment.

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